Friday, June 27, 2014

Fitness Friday

The good news! I have run 3 times this week working through my C210K program. I'm up to week 3 I was going to run again this morning but it was too cold to get out of bed. Or I was too chicken. I stayed up too late... lots of excuses, none of them very good, but 3 times is good right? I have walked every morning this week except this morning and walked every evening. I have continued to get over 10 000 steps every day this week except once.. maybe Saturday, when I got only 9 000.

I  slipped down to 3rd on my Fitbit friends list but that was not because I was not achieving my steps but because two of my friends must have been putting in major efforts and doing huge numbers. Hats off to you Tazitaff and Sam. I have passed Tazitaff today but Sam is still out there although she had a low step day yesterday (she flew to New Zealand so not able to manage 2 trips to the gym). I am wondering how she will go whilst on holidays. If its a walking holiday I am well and truly stuffed but if its a bus tour... well things are looking good for a surge to the top!

Speaking of Fitbit. This hilarious article, Stepping out, Living the Fitbit life by David Sedaris on Fitbit was posted by Fitbit on their facebook page. My friend Sophie says it sounds like me but I think it sounds like Sam. (and so does she)

Weightwise... I have been too scared to step on the scales. I have been hogging into carbs this last week - bread, scones, etc. I made this zucchini cake to take to church on Sunday for a shared lunch. It didn't all get eaten so has been tempting me all week but worse was the fact that my friend Betty took some coconut buns along but didn't take her left overs home and I scored them. I love them, warmed slightly in the microwave to freshen them up. I have been eating way too many of them too. So... even though I have been exercising a lot I know I have been eating wrong so am sure my weight has gone up... things are a little more snug. I know I have to start to get my act together once more.

Back to the Zucchini cake - I more than halved the oil and it was fine. I omitted the dates as we didn't have any and they are another thing my husband should avoid with his sensitivities. We also squeezed the grated zucchini to get rid of some of the moisture in it. This cake had cream cheese icing and I had low fat cream cheese and it didn't whip well. Guess its like low fat cream and sour cream... the low fat stuff doesn't whip. I could have added a heap more icing sugar to thicken it (I added some) but for the most part I just let it drip off a bit. This is the websites photo of the cake... I didn't take one of my effort. I have more zucchini to use up so might make another one for tonight when the family will be gathering for dinner

Zucchini cake

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  1. Oh my, yes, this stuff is definitely dangerous on the waist! :) I have to keep realizing that I am better at running at nights as opposed to mornings. Have you tried that? I have more energy, which could come from better hydration and can run for longer. Good luck to you with your 10K, I noticed you're kicking butt on fitbit! :)))