Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Stash Report. A Finish

Yes I have another finish to report. Yay. Love it when I get something done. I have finished a quilt I only began about 10 days ago. It only got one entry in WIP Wednesday as I started it on a Wednesday evening after I had done my WIP report for that week. 

Here it is... Peaceful Hearts. I love it. This one is mine. 

I wrote about it fairly extensively in this week's WIP Wednesday report here. I didn't have a name for it when I wrote the report but have decided to call it "Peaceful Hearts" as most of the hearts were contributed by friends from Patch n Peace retreat 2008. 

When I wrote the report I hadn't decided how to quilt it. In the end I shadow quilted around all the hearts (some of the shadows were more reflections with the wind blowing on the water... bit wobbley) 

I did fairly widely spaced meandering on the rest of the body of the quilt. 

On the borders I stitched a heart in the centre of each square and then just a row of stitching to link them. 

I machined down the binding, stitching it to the wrong side first and then turning it over and using a decorative stitch to secure it to the front. Several podcasters have been talking about machine binding and how they do it wrong but have found that they do it the same way as each other which is also the way I do mine. I try to lay the edge of the binding on the row of stitching you can see but inevitably things migrate about the place and I don't sweat the small stuff. I love trying out different decorative stitches each time. Decorative stitches do take so much longer than straight sewing though... but still quicker than hand stitching it down

The back was patched together pieces of minky dot fabric I had on hand. I love the feel of minky dot. After I took these photos I was sitting in the kitchen rubbing the backing against my face and Fixit Guy told me not to use it to wipe my face on.

I LOVE it. Its all mine

The quilt measured 160cm square so it was 5.95 used.

Had a few purchases as well.  I got some white tone on tone to finish off my Disappearing into the Blue quilt. The fabric was quilt backing wide and they would only cut it .5 metre at a time so I will have oodles left over but it will come in handy. I counted it as double metreage.

Whilst I was at the shop getting the the tone on tone I saw some fabric that I think will be great as the backing for the round the world quilt. Its a bit of an impost on this week's numbers but since I have a plan for both lots of fabric I will use it up in the not too distant future. 

So to sum up

Used this week:                        5.95m
Added this week                       6.6 m

Year to Date Used                     89.32
Year to Date added                   72.27
Net Used                                  17.05

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  1. That is a beautiful and fun quilt! You look quite comfy with it too!