Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuseday Museday... My Patch'n'Peace Retreat report

Home again after a great weekend at a quilting retreat I have been going to for the last 12 years. Well except for the years that I don't go. Have missed it 4 times over the years. Whenever we go overseas it seems to include this June long weekend. (Airfares to Europe and the US go up over the summer months but if you go before the end of May you get shoulder fares... a bit cheaper than the summer ones)

Anyway. I had a great time and will try to get some photos up of the quilts I saw and the ones I made (well worked on anyway) Suffice to say it was a lovely creative time. Some of the ladies there I knew before I started to attend and others I have known since I started and a couple I met this weekend for the first time. We all had a really lovely time.

I didn't get to do a Stash Report this week since I was away over the weekend so will catch up next week. Its going to be quite a blowout. I stopped on my way through Rockhampton and bought some fabric for my black and white quilt. Then my gift at our gift exchange on the Saturday night included 5 fat quarters. The organisers gave us all a fat quarter and then there was the stall at the retreat. One of the ladies had bought her SIL's stash. Her SIL had died during the last year and had a huge stash and heaps of UFOs. They were selling it off quite cheaply with the money going to breast cancer research. I haven't actually measure the fabric I bought but it was at least 4 bundles and they were all a metre plus. We also had a silent auction and I ended up with a number of wins there which included more fabric. Oh dear. Maybe by next Sunday I will have measured all the fabric I got plus have had a finish or two and will be able to claw myself out of the hole I am digging myself into.

What did I work on over the weekend?

Well I got 7 more  "Disappearing 9 Patch with a twist" blocks made to bring my total to 12 and I put them together. It needs a border. Wondering about using more of the dark blue or perhaps a green and then the blue. What do you think?

I finished off the quilt that I had on my design wall last week with the embroidered Teddies on it. I think I will call it "Pinwheel Bears" I made up a lot of the pieces in the quilt using them as leaders and enders - first time I've ever really needed to do that and it sure got the blocks done in a hurry. My machine would unthread if I didn't have something under the needle for some reason so I really had to do it. I got the centre of it finished as well but still have to do the borders.

I made all the half square triangles for my Black and White with a Touch of Red Trip Around the World quilt. I'd cut a lot of the 7" squares I needed for it before I left. 2 of the 7" squares would make 4" finished half square triangle blocks. Also I had cut fabric too small for the 7" squares into 5" squares. I still had to cut up the fabric I bought on my way through to the retreat. I'd gotten some more red and a bit more white. I made over 280 (I think... I did calculate it but didn't actually count them individually)

 I haven't yet squared up the hst blocks or ironed them as I am waiting on a special ruler that I only just got ordered. Its by Quilt in a Day. I first read about it on  Amy Smart's Diary of a Quilter's blog. She gave this link to it but I couldn't order it from there as they don't let Australian's shop there... have to use the Australian Amazon site. I found it on some other US websites but they were going to charge so much for shipping I wasn't impressed ($15 to send something which was small enough to go in letter envelope) I also found it on some Australian websites but they were sooooo expensive (try 5 times the price).  I asked one of my US friends if I could order it from a US site, have it shipped to her and have her ship it to me and she was happy to do that (Thanks Sandi of Quilt Cabana Patterns) When I went online to find it to order an Australian website came up in my search that had it on 60% off special with free shipping. So I didn't need to take her up on my offer. Now I have to wait a few weeks for it to get here... cause they are shipping it from the US!!)

Lastly I did a little bit of applique on Derek's quilt - stitching on some butterflies to the Emmaus block to represent Chrysalis. (see here for an explanation of Emmaus and here for Chrysalis)

It was at this retreat last year that we started the shirt challenge that I called the SOMB, Shirt off my Back, challenge. I was in a group with 4 other quilters Betty, Karin, Sandy and  Susanne.  Only Betty and I had our quilts there on the weekend. Karin and Sandy hadn't finished theirs and Susanne had hers with her. She is off on a 6 month trip around Australia. There were a couple of other groups too. We had the reveal at the retreat. Some of the other quilters didn't add any other fabrics and others added just a little. There were some amazing awesome quilts. The ladies at the retreat were so creative. We hung the quilts around the room after the reveal and got to enjoy them all weekend.

Betty's quilt. She was in the same group as me. Her largest blocks were 12", the medium 8" and the smallest 6".
 The 4 quilts below were from the same group of swappers

These two were from another group. There was a 3rd one from this quilt that I didn't get to photograph.

We always have a theme for our weekend, a charity to which any fundraising goes, some swaps to participate in and a gift exchange (based on the theme usually). We decide on the theme and the swaps for the next year at a meeting we hold during the weekend (usually straight after the special dinner that we have and at which we have our gift exchange). This year's theme was Bedazzled. We dressed up in our most glittery gear.

Sandy shows us her very sparkly bedazzling jeans

My table at the dinner. You can see our sewing area behind us.

I wore a beaded top and heaps of rings and necklaces and sparkly earrings. I also gave the fur that I inherited from my Aunt its first outing since I've owned it. Not sure how old it is but probably at least 60 years old.

Next year the theme is going to be based on the 100th Anniversary of the Gallipoli Campaign  Because we thought that the fashions from back then might be a bit hard to replicate easily we have extended it to a war theme to include both world wars. We have incorporated the "Mend and Make Do" theme and so our outfits can be recycled ie bought at Op Shops. Our gifts too we have decided have to be recycled or repurposed so can be something we already own, something we have bought at an op shop OR made from something we have bought.

I am quite excited about the theme as it was my suggestion. I had 2 great uncles who were killed in the Gallipoli campaign, within days of each other. It fills me with horror and such sadness to think of losing two of my sons within only a few days. One brother survived long enough to bury the other one before he too was killed. We are going to have a memorabilia display and I am going to take photos of my great uncles as well as a photo of my Dad from WW11 and any other bits and pieces I can find from my family history.

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