Wednesday, June 11, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Not a lot new to report from yesterday in Tuesday Museday - Patch'Peace retreat Report  but for the benefit of all the blog hoppers that are going to flock to my blog today.....

Disappearing into the Blue
Haven't touched it for 2 weeks now with the workshop last week and I didn't sew at all today at Patchwork.

Teddies and Pinwheels
Needs borders. Will have to audition some stuff from my stash. I think I will just do some plain borders although maybe will do a pinwheel in each corner as corner stones. That will be pretty.

Twisting About (New name for my Disappearing 9 Patch with a Twist)
Needs borders. Probably just do a dark blue border same as is featured in the quilt and then a multicoloured binding.

Not So Sombre Blues for Derek
Today at patchwork I used our big tables and got the quilt pinned. Didn't check it properly though and I'm a bit short with the backing on one side. I can either unpin and repin (which is truly what I should do, I know) or patch in a bit of the back fabric, or cut down the front of the quilt a bit. It has a wide border so could do that. Stay tuned.

Things are in a bit of uproar at my place now and will continue to be for the next few weeks because we are having some renovations done to the family bathroom and our en suite (bathroom off our bedroom for those not used to that terminology) Its going to be great when they are done but in the meantime... uproar.

On Monday the asbestos removal guys were here and basically gutted the family bathroom. pulling off all the walls and the ceiling panels. They didn't do the floor but apparently it could be asbestos product too and our builder has been advised not to drill into it (a pain cause now he might not be able to move the floor drain like he wanted to)

Tuesday the builder (a nice guy named Darrin) was here with his apprentice and they removed the floor tiles, the bath and the shower wall frame. Then he fitted the new bath (carried it upstairs on his own cause his apprentice went home sick) and made the frame for it... well he put it in place but its been moved for the plumbing work and the walling stuff to go in. Actually it is now sitting in the middle of my bedroom. And he fitted the new heat/light/exhaust fan unit ready for the electrician to wire in. and the ceiling.

Wednesday - today as I type this I have the plumber, the builder and the electrician all competing for space in the not very big bathroom. That is why the bath and some of the tools are now in my bedroom. I can't shut my bedroom door so I hope they aren't too messy today or I will have dust and crud through my bedroom.

I was going to tidy my bedroom yesterday in preparation for when they start on the ensuite but got busy with other things (buying the exhaust fan thingy for one and coffee out with friends for another and updating my blog....) and so its still needing to be done and of course I can't move around in there very easily today.

This is the old bathroom. The tub is next to the vanity running from the wall to the shower.

Monday asbestos removed
Tuesday tiles, old bath and shower removed
new tub positioned


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