Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Stash report

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. I really did have a blow out last weekend. Not intentionally but I ended up with sooo much fabric

Firstly I stopped at Spotlight on my way through Rockhampton to go to the Patch'n'Peace retreat. I needed some more reds for my Black and White with a touch of red. I couldn't find exactly what I wanted but got a few different reds that I thought would work for the centre of the quilt and some more for the binding and borders. I also got some more white with black on it. 4 metres all up

I used up two of the white with back in my half square triangles before I took a photo. I didn't end up using this one as the white was a bit too creamy (3 lots of .2 m total .6m)

The reds that I got for the quilt, some for the blocks and other for the binding and borders 3 metre lengths and 2 x .2 m (one lot got used up before the photography took place) total of 3.2

Then at the retreat itself one of the ladies had brought along the Stash and UFOs of her sister in law who had died in the last year or so. The stuff was for sale, very cheaply with all money raised going to the Cancer Council. I found some black and white fabrics that I thought would go in the quilt I am making either on the front or in the backing. There was a metre of black and white gingham and 3.2m of some that was white with checkerboards on it. I needed some royal blue for the Disappearing 9 Patch with a twist blocks I was working on and there was a metre of it amongst the fabrics that I grabbed for it. There was 2.46m of a beige fabric that I thought would be good for a swap we have coming up for PnP next year. We are making bullseye blocks to swap and raggy hearts. Both require 10" square neutral backgrounds so this will be perfect for that. (I hope. I've not done bullseye quilts before)

Blue fabric I bought from the stall. 1m of the darker blue and 2 each of the pale blue spot and pale blue floral
One of the activities at PnP is a Silent Auction. Donated items are arranged around the room and each item has a sheet of paper next to it. The auction runs for an hour and during that time you can bid on the items. To bid you write your name and how much you are willing to pay for the item. The next person who wants to "bid" on that item writes their name below yours and then writes how much they will pay for the item. The amount has to be at least 50c more that the previous amount. At the end of the bidding time who ever has written their name down last on the paper (with the highest bid amount) gets the item (once they pay that amount) We all bring along items to go in the auction. People bring all sorts of things and frankly a lot of it is pretty junky. The lady who organises the items puts things together in groups so that their is usually something desirable in amongst the junk. I actually think that they would get more money for stuff if they didn't heap it together. A lot of people just didn't want to have to deal with the rubbish stuff. Then again... one woman's trash can be another woman's treasure. I always try to bid on everything at least once to push the prices along a little bit. Inevitably it means I get stuck with some stuff I don't want as well as some stuff that I do. I missed out on one piece of fabric I would have dearly liked (black and white) cause I had to go have my massage before the end of proceedings but I did "win" a number of lots. As well as fabric I ended up with quite a few patterns, books and old magazines

The beige/grey on right I bought from the stall, the other two I ended up with at the auction

The white and the red on white I won in the auction. They were fabric I was going after. The two black and white ones I bought at the stall

 And then there were the gifts. On Saturday night we had our retreat dinner and all got dressed up to fit the theme "Bedazzled" We sure sparkled. There was a gift exchange too and I ended up with a parcel containing 2 fat quarters of very sparkly fabric and 3 lovely cotton fat quarters. And lastly on our last day the organisers presented us each with a little gift bag containing one more fat quarter.
The rolled up fat quarter was my gift from the organisers of the retreat. The other fabrics were my gift from the exchange

All up I took in a whopping 27.23 metres of fabric. Ouch

Then there was the rest of my loot!


The books and magazines that I scored in my auction wins. I have given Fangirl the book of fairy tale cross stitches

Some of these patterns I bid on deliberately, some were part of a bundle and some were given to me by other participants who ended up with patterns they didn't want in their bundles

Apparently you can knit this stuff into scarves. I don't knit. I wonder if I could crotchet it?

This was my most intriguing purchase. Apparently it was so you could do quilting on your machine without a walking foot. I have never seen anything like it but will investigate it some more and report back

4 glass dishes I bought cause I like all things apple. 

As to Fabric out report. I washed all the fabric I got from the stall or the auction and the white with the red print on it ran terribly. I washed it again with run remover but then some of the red went orangey. I gave it another soak in hot water and no more dye came out so its probably safe but have decided not to risk it but to give it to Op shop

Then the grape pattern fabric is just too unsuitable for quilting... too light and flimsy and I just don't think I'll use it so that is off to the Op Shop and someone else might be able to use it. So that is 4.6m gone for a start

I have used about half a metre of the dark blue fabric in the Disappearing 9 Patch with a Twist. I have also used up .4m of the white in the half square triangles along with a about 1/4 of the red fabric I bought... maybe a bit more. The white and checker board fabric will go into the back of the Black and White with a Touch of red quilt and I have ear marked the beige so a lot of it will go... but I just have to get a few quilts finished to be able to count them

I have had a couple of finishes this last fortnight. I participated in two one day workshops with my own local group and finished off a gorgeous little bag with Tumbling Blocks Block. I love it although I haven't worked out what I shall actually use it for! Total fabric used .66m

My other finish has been the Not So Sombre Stars for Derek. I got it quilted yesterday and finished off the binding and the label today. I'm not overly pleased with the quilting. Having pieced back as well as front... having two important sides - two tops really it was hard to quilt. I decided to just ignore the signature squares and to quilt the Stars side. Probably should have just done an all over design but instead I quilted each star individually, choosing different designs. My style is not sophisticated... naive might be a polite way of describing it. Anyway... done is better than perfect and I just wanted to get it done. Not sure when or how I will give it to Derek. Not sure if I should do a presentation at church next week so everyone gets to see the finished article or give it to him privately. Will think about it. Dimensions of this quilt 192cm x 192cm Total fabric used 8.46m

Not So Sombre Stars for Derek - Stars

Messages for Derek Side

Continuous stars for the border and 

So my stats for this last fortnight

Added this week                                                27.36m
Used this week/given away                                13.72m

Year to Date Used                     79.37
Year to Date added                   65.67
Net Used                                     13.70

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  1. My, what a week of fabric acquisition! But you couldn't help it! I saw those quilting hoops/grips recently on Barbara's blog, Cat Patches. I'll tweet you the link.

    Not So Somber Stars turned out great!

  2. You got lots of goodies there! Very fun!!