Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Stash update

No finishes this week and no purchases but my numbers change... all will be explained eventurally.

The baby quilt that I was working on is pinned and ready to be quilted. Perhaps I might get some time to work on that today.

Not So Sombre Stars for Derek is ready to be pinned. I gathered up the last of the signature squares during the week and was able to get them pieced together along with a border of fishing fabric. The border is a bit at odds with the colours in the quilt but Derek is a keen fisherman so I thought that it was appropriate. I sewed in two blank squares and this morning I took the completed quilt back to church with me and showed it to the congregation. I was able to get a few more signatures from people whom I had missed including his dad. Whilst it was hanging up at church for people to look at I realised that I had put one of the borders on upside down. Oops. So I had to take it off when I got home and turn it around and restitch it. All good now.

Photo: Latest finish

I made one square from strips the colours of the rainbow to represent the Emmaus community that we are a part of and whom have been praying for his recovery. Derek himself has been on Chrysalis and their symbol is the butterfly so I am thinking that I might applique a butterfly on top of the rainbow to represent that. With the backing now completed I should be able to pin my quilt but unfortunately I can't use the pinning tables at our club rooms to do it and I have become spoilt with them and have no desire to crawl around on the floor to pin it out. OUr club rooms aren't available to us this weekend as they are being used to judge the quilts for the local agricultural show. The quilts were received there today and will be judge tomorrow and then on Monday we will take them to the pavillions at the show grounds and hang them. I was going to enter some but didn't get around to it... not really an exhibitor type of person. I might take them up to our church and pin them there. We have some tables there that I could put together to pin the quilt.

I am off to a quilt retreat on Thursday for 4 days. It is very exciting. Before then I have 2 days of workshops with my own quilting group. The judge that has come to judge the quilts is also going to run some workshops for us whilst she is in town so its going to be a very quilty week for me one way and another.

I haven't had a finish this week ... well not a quilty one but I have had one in my quilting room. Fixit guy made me a design wall today. Its mounted on the wall and is covered in batting fabric and looks great. Did have a bit of a hitch when he was making it. He tried to drill through the batting (after we'd attached it to the board) and the drill grabbed the wadding and tore a big hole in it. Had to take it off and patch it. It was pretty easily fixed but then ... ran out of staples for the staple gun, so he went to get more from the hardware shop, and they were the wrong size so he had to go again. We did eventually get it mounted and I am very happy with it. Now to get a quilt on the go and put it up on the design board. 

My part in the construction was to measure and cut the batting 

My Fixit guy using the staple gun

The finished product

I got my lap top back this week. Yay. It meant that I could put in the dimensions for my postcard finishes. I realised the problem I had when trying to calculate it without the spreadsheet is that my log is in cm's and I was doing it in inches so that's why my results looked so terribly small and insignificant. So I worked it out that

4 postcards 6"x4"  24"x16" or 62cmx40cm. Fabric used .68m

 Year to Date Used                     65.65
Year to Date added                   38.31
Net Used                                      27.34

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  1. Love the design wall! I haven't had much but a piece of batting hanging from ceiling to floor. Sometimes it moves and blocks fall off which drive me crazy! ~Melanie

    1. I've never had anything apart from a piece of flannel sheet that I hung up in this space for a few days between when I moved the bookshelf and when Fixit Guy made the design wall. Yeah - every time the sheet moved stuff would fall off. I'm loving the wall

  2. The projects will be queueing up for their turn on the design wall! I am stunned at the amount of fabric you have turned into quilts just in the 6 months so far this year .