Saturday, May 31, 2014

Friday Fitness on Saturday

I have been really slack with my blog post this last few weeks. Sorry about that. I was on a really good roll there for a bit but not sure what has happened to me of late... computer hassles sure haven't helped at all

A bit of an update on my fitness.

Haven't run at all this week. Yeah I know slack. What can I say. Also my plans for running in another fun run tomorrow didn't come to anything. Oh well. I have the excuse that my knee has been a bit sore this week but the real reason is I have lost the desire to jog too much. Hope to get my mojo back this week but we shall see.

I have walked every day and usually have walked twice. I have kept my 10 000 steps a day on my fitbit up for the whole week. Most days I have managed a couple of thousand more than that. In fact tonight my fitbit is showing 93 951 steps for the last 7 days and I am once again on top of my friends list. The two Twilter friends that usually beat me are not doing so well this week. Terje, as I mentioned last week, has a broken leg and can't weight bare at all which is awful for her. Not sure what has happened to Shari. My dear friend Maree has asked me to start walking with her again in the morning and we have agreed to walk 3 times a week at 6AM although I managed to persuade her to leave it till 6.20 cause its still dark at 6. We have walked our 3 times so that is good.

I managed a whopping 17 666 steps on Tuesday when I went walking in Carnarvon Gorge with my sister and her husband. They were camping there having travelled up from Sydney and I drove over to join them for the day.

I have been trying to track my food this week and am happy with my efforts there. One day this week my weight dropped to under 88... 87.8kgs to be exact. It climbed over the blooming 88 again a day later but it was so nice to be down there. The main thing with careful tracking is that I have been able to have my treats without feeling like I was cheating or not doing the right thing. Trying hard to make good choices as far as my cholesterol intake goes. It was recommended to me to have porridge each day as a good source of fibre to act on the cholesterol in my blood. LSA (ground Linseed, sunflower and almond) was also recommended to me. Not sure whether or not that is actually beneficial. They are good fats in the mixture and is nice on my porridge.

I need to upload my photos. I should put a nice picture from my walk in the gorge but haven't uploaded them yet and yet again I am on the wrong computer in any case.

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