Wednesday, May 28, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Disappearing Into the Blue
Today at patchwork I was able to get all the strips made for the piano key border. I forgot to take a photo of my progress. I did discover that I have bought two lots of fabric for the binding. Oops once I get this border on I'll put it on the bed it's being made for to see if I need any more borders

Not So Sombre Stars for Derek
Slowly getting the signature blocks back for the quilt back. Still waiting on some from his sisters family. I started to piece the blocks together today I'm not sure how many blocks I'll end up with which is making it all a bit tricky

Baby Quilt
The baby quilt that I started last Wednesday I was able to pin today and I might get it quilted by Sunday. A finish would be nice:) Usually I make the quilt for the baby after they are born but for once I am ahead of the game. In fact there is not even a prospective baby in the family. This quilt features some of my mum's embroideries so will only go to a relative. 

I have made the batting for the baby quilt and NSSSFD quilts from left over bits of batting. I still have some bits which I'm going to make sew together. Not sure what size it'll end up bit probably big enough for another large cot quilt at least. It's quite satisfying using up the scraps


  1. Haha, I saw disappearing into the blue and thought it was a state of origin post!

  2. You are very productive. Great work.

    Stupid comment thing wouldn't let me write more last comment.