Sunday, May 18, 2014

SundayStash report

I have done quite a bit of sewing this week but have had no finishes. I made progress on the Disappearing into the Blue quilt. The pinwheel border is on and Weds I will start work on the piano key border. Only working on it on Wednesday up at the club rooms has slowed up progress on it somewhat but it has been good to have something ready to go each week and not have to think of what i will work on. Mind you I stuffed up last week as I didn't have my white cotton with me. I had taken it out of the work box in the car for something else. You would think that I would have more than one spool of white thread wouldn't you? I did but I used it up.

I have worked some more on my backing for Not So Sombre Stars. I have framed all the signature blocks I got back from people. I have also framed a number of blank ones ready to give people or write messages that come in via email or text for him. I also framed up some other blocks to go on the back of the quilt including the last 3 9-patch blocks that I made up from the pieces of shirts I got in a swap last year. I named my own challenge the Shirt off my Back challenge (SOMB). I made 360 9 patches originally from the fabric from 2nd hand men's cotton shirts I got in the swap. I cut them into 2" strips and made as many nine patches as I could. Have been trying to use them up ever since and found that they spread to 4 good size quilts. This one is the last of them. I have tried to use only 2nd had or repurposed fabric in the quilts both front and back. I had largely succeeded up till this last quilt. All the fabric in the quilt been either repurposed or has come from my scrap drawers. Only the batting and the sewing thread has been new.

As well as the last 3 9-patches which I had to sash in white first to bring them up to the 6.5" I needed them to be before framing the blocks in 1.5" wide brightly coloured strips, I have made a rainbow block to represent the Emmaus community that Derek, our sick friend is a part of. I also made one block with the symbol of the Uniting Church of Australia, again because Derek is a part of that community. 

I have 29 completed blocks now and a good few still to come in. I can start to put the back together. I still have to chase up people who are working on their blocks. Supposedly they will be in next Sunday.

So with nothing out and nothing in my stats this week are the same as last week

Year to Date Used                     64.97
Year to Date added                   38.31
Net Used                                    26.66m

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