Friday, May 2, 2014

Fitness Friday

Good news and Bad news this week.

Good news. Despite being away on a conference all weekend where we had huge morning and afternoon teas available, fully cooked breakfasts and desert after lunch and dinner I managed to NOT put on any weight. I also managed to get my 10 000 steps a day up on my fit bit. Yay. Go me. I dropped to 4th on my list of Fitbit friends at one point this week but have finished it on 2nd spot. (just means that Terje hasn't checked in for a while. She is usually 20 000 ahead of most of us. Shari is only 5000 ahead of me... probably hasn't checked in for a bit either :) I have no illusions about my position in the pecking order. I have a friend Sophie who is my usual sparring partner. She edges ahead and I work to catch her and make sure I finish a little ahead of her each day. My secret weapon there is that I tend to stay up late so can work to build up my step count in that last hour or so before midnight when the fitbit resets for the day to catch up with her. It helps that she is an Australian and goes to bed at a reasonable hour.

I also managed to run twice this week. I took Jack Dog with me both times and went down to the river. I ran along the banks of the river, down to the weir and back. Had to do the bit along the river twice in order to get the 5 kms up but I managed it. I was really happy about finally getting back to doing it even though my times were very slow. Its just over a week to the Mother's Day Classic Run and I have to manage 7 kms for that. I know I can do it even though I will be slow. It will be great to get it done. I am trying to get myself back to running 3 times a week.

Bad news... well my running is slow and whilst I haven't put on any weight I haven't lost any either and I have been eating heaps of rubbish. Hoping that once I get this weekend over I will be able to commit to more sensible eating. I say that every week don't I.

More bad news... have lost my fit bit charger yet again. Hopefully it will turn up again soon. My Fixit Guy is good at finding things for me. (Boyo is also very good at finding things for me... but he's 1000kms away at university in Brisbane. )

Oh more good news. My sewing room is in a fit state to be seen. I even managed to get the floors vacuumed so that is a real bonus. I have a pile of scraps to cut through and I want to go through the book shelves and the drawers of my sewing table but In the meantime things look pretty good and I might even get a photo taken tonight before I mess it all up again.

Tonight we are planning a veg out night in front of the tv with takeaway. I was supposed to be out at rehearsal for the play I am prompt for but they are having a read through night instead which is good for me. They didn't need me. Bonus.

After our busy weekend at the Christian Conference (Emmaus walk) Fixit Guy and I took an extra night out and stayed over in Rockhampton for a lovely relaxing night in a gorgeous motel that I had found at a great price. It had a double spa in the corner and an enormous king size four poster bed.

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