Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday ramblings about nothing

I have been re reading some of my recent blogs. I have to read them. Not many others do. I think every time I read my own blog it counts as a visit. Have to bump my stats up some how. I know it doesn't count for anything but it makes me feel better when I check my page views. (Yes I am a sad little blogger. Now the 15 people who do regularly read this are rethinking their plans realising what a weird little person I am)

Having re read some of them I squirm over some of the phrasing and some of the errors I have made in them. I have gone back in and fixed up some of them. Really I should edit them more carefully when I write them before I post them however then I think... meh... its just a mummy blog. I am not expecting to reach great heights of blogdom - to attract a following of thousands, to become known in the blogosphere. If I fuss over it too much it might lose its natural flow. I want it to speak with my voice. However - I should edit it a bit more and make sure it at least makes sense. Usually it does. Sometimes when I go back in and edit I reword something but then I forget to take out the old wording. Oops. How many people go back and read old blogs though anyway? I seem to get the most hits (loving using all these blog related words he he he) the day I post it and only occasional additional page reads over the next few days.

I've been going to lots of linky parties. I'm becoming a bit of a linky tart... you can see the different ones I link up to regularly from the buttons on my side bar. I try to visit at least 5 other links from the party and to comment on them as well. I particularly like to comment on ones that have no other comments or only a few. I know how much I love to get comments on my blog. (Hint hint) However I have realized that it is hard to comment on my blog... or impossible unless you have a Google ID or one of a number of other options. But you can't comment unless you are signed in. Don't think I can change that. Early on when I was having some hassles with Blogger a fellow twilter suggested I change to a different blog platform and I just about had a heart attack. As a pretty new blogger (a few random posts a few years ago but only consistently posting since January this year)) that was just way too scary.

This is a pretty boring blog entry. No pretty pictures. lots of dreary self reflection. No lovely quilty news. No cute dog pictures. No photos of the gorgeous sunset , the lovely river that is near by or even my fabric purchases. I should delete it but i won't. Can't bare to waste all my creative drivel


  1. Would it relieve you if I said I already knew what a weird little person you are? :D

    1. well you know me and still love me - so thats good

  2. Your blog keeps me laughing! I'm proud to be one of your 15!