Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday Stash Report. I got a finish

Whoot I got a finish. I have already blogged about it. My curtains were finished and hung and if you want to know the truth of their finishing then you can go read about it here where I bare my soul about the net result. Confession might be good for the soul but repetition can be boring.

The curtains were 4.5 m of fabric and that was it for the week. It was the only sewing I got done. The virus I have (Barmah Forrest Virus. Read about it here) has sapped me of my energy and inclination to do much else. 

My stash report for the week

Fabric added this week             0

Fabric used this week               4.5m

Year to Date Used                     64.97

Year to Date added                   38.31
Net Used                                    26.66m

When I have been in my sewing room and have had the energy I have been cutting my way through my scrap basket. I am very pleased to being close to the bottom of it again.

You might think there is a lot in there but  the blue is lightly packed in so it doesn't crease (I've ironed it) Below is a photo of what it looked like at the start of last week

The boxes on my cutting table are now quite full of cut scraps. Gotta try to get them into the scrap drawers

I have been planning the backing of the Not So Sombre Stars for Derek using the signature blocks that are slowly coming in. I collected a few blocks from friends at church today and handed out a few more squares of fabric. I reminded a few people who have squares to get them back to me so that was a job well done. 

I saw a pattern on a Facebook group I am part of during the week which I thought would look good. Its scrappy so right up my alley. My scrap drawers are bulging 

These are my 1.5" drawers - strips in the top one squares and bricks below. I still have to fit what I have cut in the last week in there

so I really have to get sewing some scrap projects. This block consisted of a large centre square in a light fabric with a narrow coloured piece on each side and corner stones in a light fabric. The blocks were all then joined together with colourful sashing sashing with a plain light corner stone at each block. The end result is 5 squares which are arranged same as the dots on a dice are for the number 5. This would be all much clearer if I posted a picture of it but the photo wasn't mine so can't just filch it. Also... can't remember which Facebook group it was on (I am a member of several) and finding older photos and things on Facebook pages is hard!! Here's the sketch I did of it

I sketched it on a docket and shoved it back in my bag afterwards hence its all scrunched up. Must get back to carrying a notebook with me. At least I had a pen!

 So I Sketched out the design and figured it would be an 8.5" block. That is giving it a 6.5" centre , 1.5" wide strips around it and sashing and 1.5" sq corner stones. I haven't handed out that many signature blocks but figured that I can leave some blank for other friends to sign when they visit him - people I am not in contact with. I will have to go measure the quilt top to work out exactly how many blocks I will need for the back.

I drew it up today during the sermon in church. Um ahh you say... naughty naughty BUT my OT daughter (aka Fangirl) was talking about it on her blog the other day (see here for the whole thing) Its called getting tactile (touch) and proprioceptive (joint movement) feedback which can help some people sit longer and concentrate more. I usually  crotchet or embroider during meetings and helps me focus on what is being said. Otherwise I tend to go off in my own little world and daydream or fidget and wonder how long I have to sit there. I used to crotchet a lot in church as a teenager until someone chipped me about it. Instead I then counted bricks in the wall, or the letters in the text that was painted on the wall, or planned my shopping list. I paid a lot less attention. Now a days I find that quilt patterns pop into my head, or designs for church banners. I find that if I sketch them out then and there I can still tune into the message.(otherwise I find I keep dwelling on the design and trying to remember it and make calculations in my head and completely tune out from what is going on)

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  1. Congratulations on getting the curtains done and on getting so much scarp cutting done. Hope your energy level returns soon.

  2. Your scrap drawers look a bit like mine only mine is stacked all over my cutting table, ironing board and floors. Hope you are feeling better by now.