Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tuesday musing

I celebrated Mothers' Day by running in the local MDC ie Mothers' Day Classic. Its a national event in Australia with 42 similar runs across the nation. Locally participants had the choice of a 3.5 k walk or a 7 k run. Both covered the same cause but in the case of the run it was twice around the course. They started the runners, of which I was one, first and sent the walkers off 10 mins after us. I started off near the front of the runners but was very quickly overtaken by just about everyone. There were a couple of other ladies who were just about my pace when we started off but they drew ahead of me as my pace slowed down. I had 3 aims for the day.
1) finish the course 
2) to run (OK joggle... cross between a jog and a shuffle :) ) 
3) not to be overtaken by any of the walkers.

I basically succeeded in all three aims. 1) I finished the course - well behind the bulk of the runners. but I crossed the finish line... twice since I had to go around 2 times. 2) I grabbed a drink at two of the water stations and walked a couple of steps whilst I drank a few mouthfuls which doesn't count in my opinion. So that's a check. 3) shortly before I finished the first lap two little boys (Gd 4 so about 9yrs old) ran past me. I think they had started with the walkers but since they were running I am NOT going to count that.

Not the most flattering photo of me. I was trying to get the medal we got given at the end of the race. I missed. I don't think I look too done in after running 7 kms

Says it all really.

Given how drained of energy I have been all week with the resurgence of the virus I was so glad I got a finish at all. I almost didn't go in it but my darling Fixit Guy encouraged me to have a go reminding me of how much i had been looking forward to the run. I wasn't going to do any damage by exerting myself. My Dr's advice when I was diagnosed last year  was do what I felt I could and to stop when I needed the rest. It could have meant I was absolutely drained of energy for the rest of the day (or week) but Fixit Guy said we would deal with that if it happened. He was prepared to come get me if I got half way around the course and couldn't go any further. I was so pleased he encouraged me to pursue my goal.

 I am sure my lack of preparation over the last few weeks (due to being so busy and then being sick) meant I was slower than I might have been. Other times when I have run on my own I have challenged myself to surge on occasions -to run faster for a certain distance - to that tree,  for 100 steps, to improve my lap time for the next km etc but I wasn't game to do this at the start and just as well cause I very limited reserves at the end. Next time though I will certainly give it a shot. Yes I am already talking about next time. If I can complete it when I was unwell what can I achieve when I am fitter?

I didn't completely collapse in a heap when it was over. I managed to get to church only a few minutes late (Showered and refreshed) I am not saying I didn't feel reluctant to stand for a couple of the hymns but I made it through. I even managed to get to the Aged Care home in the afternoon to do my share of the work at the cafe that is run up there for a few hours Sunday afternoon. I did take the opportunity to sit and talk to the residents when I wasn't needed elsewhere. The boys Massage Man and Boyo rang during the afternoon.and it was great to chat with them Kombi Boy tried to ring me when we were out but I had left my phone at home which is unfortunate. His partner sent me a message on Facebook which was lovely too. We also went out for a delicious Indian dinner at night with Fangirl. She'd come over in the afternoon and given me something she reminded me I had specifically asked for.... a Tupperware spatula. They are expensive but have an excellent reputation. I have become thoroughly ticked off by the cheaper ones I have bought.


Running headphones. I listen to my quilting podcasts when I run

Fixit Guy bought me breakfast in bed to start the day. lots of protein to run on here!!
Speaking of Fangirl - she wrote a lovely blogpost for Mother's Day wishing all mum's a happy day. She made it a loving tribute to me. I was so touched by it I cried. It was really really beautiful and I was so appreciative. She also posted a free pattern in honour of Mothers' Day. So head on over to her blog here if you want to learn a bit more about me, see some photos and would like a free cross stitch pattern. Fangirl is a self confessed geek. She loves Diskworld novels, Harry Potter, Dr Who and Firefly. She designs her own cross stitch patterns around these obsessions.

Fangirl and I in Scotland last year. Yes that is a Monkey between us. Ask and I shall do a whole blogpost on Him one day

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