Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fabric Fasting

I've just been reading a few blogs about fabric fasting, going without buying fabric. This really appeals to me. I have never been one to just buy fabric because... just because... well not usually. When things were on a big special then I admit the temptation to buy up is always there. However over the last few years I have been striving to overcome that.

To be honest when I read about people's huge stashes... fabric which has taken over several rooms or storage sheds I am seldom, if ever impressed. Its like gluttony to me - having for the sake of having, not for a purpose or reason. I admit to getting the same reaction when I hear of people making quilt after quilt but not giving them away or using them so much themselves but instead putting them in a cupboard to keep because they are expensive and other people wouldn't appreciate them enough. I am a bit like "What the?"

I love making quilts. I love to give them away, to people I love who I know will appreciate them. I like owning quilts too but I have plenty of them and am happy to gift them to special people. 

So the linky party I found was for people to report in how they have gone with their fabric diets this month. Well April that is. Now usually this would be really easy. I would go to my excel spread sheet which I set up in order to track my fabric purchases and use for the year (using a terrific formula that Pam from Hip to be a Square podcast worked out) but.... my computer crashed on Friday night and is currently trundling/winging it... or somehow making its way to be mended (under extended warranty thankfully) so I can't go there. I am grateful that I have blogged about it all year so IF they can't save any of the data on it at least I will be able to resurrect the data from the blog (who am I kidding. I am hopeful that Fixit Guy and Fangirl will be able to do it for me)

By trawling back through my blog posts I have been able to ascertain that for April I have bought 3 metres of black and white fabric for the black and white half square triangle quilt I have been planning.  I am planning on making it in the Trip Around the World pattern and it will be next off the chopping block - cutting board I think once I finish my two other projects currently on the go... the last of my SOMB quilts - Shirt off my Back quilts - Not So Sombre Stars for Derek and Disappearing Into the Blue, my disappearing pinwheel quilt. 

The fabric I bought consisted of 7 lots of 30cm pieces which i bought from Spotlight, a large fabric/crafting/homewares chain


and 4 fat quarters of black and white from Big W - a large chain store selling a huge range of goods

The reason it came to 3 metres is that the fat quarters were measured in inches so was a square yard which is 92cm. So total was 302cm close enough to call it 3 m

Even though I didn't sign up with this at the beginning of the year i am still Linking up with Rebecca at Making's Fabriholics Anonymous link up 

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