Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Fitness

This week I feel like I am back on track.

On Sunday I pushed myself to run in the Mothers' Day Classic (well Fixit Guy did some pushing too) I ran the 7km route in 59.34 mins. I didn't come last but there weren't many from the running group behind me.

I have walked at least once a day this week and on two occasions I did a bit of running too. I've restarted the C25K program I was doing and trying to run harder in the running intervals. Mostly doing it so as to get some interval training in the mix.A friend has suggested that I try the C2 10 K program and that would be a reasonable idea too. Will look into it.

I went to the Dr on Tuesday to get my blood test results. I don't have a recurrence of the Barmah Forrest virus thankfully (test was negative) so last week I must have had some virus or perhaps the go slows cause it got a bit colder combined with exhaustion from huge weeks

However the blood tests showed that I have high cholesterol. I told the Dr I hadn't had it before but he said that last time it was also raised. If they don't tell you you can't really know. I didn't get the results. Its not too high... not it the panic stations area yet. I was 6,4 last time and 6.7 this time. Fixit Guy was told he had high cholesterol a few years ago (15yrs ago or so) and as a family we made lots of changes then. When the doctor went through the basic Do's and Don'ts I felt that we did a lot of the do's and didn't do a lot of the don'ts already. Sigh. But I have been a bit slack lately (lots of chocolate is consumed in the production of a play I have found - especially post Easter when a lot is on special) I am going to be trying hard to reduce the levels by diet as I don't want to go onto medication if I can help it. (Besides Fixit Guy controlled his by diet so if he can, I can... I am NOT competitive)

When announced this on Facebook I got quite a few suggestions from friends as to diet suggestions, additives, things to cut out and include. I am not interested in going Paleo although a simpler style of cooking is always good. We basically don't use many pre made sauces or prepackaged meals because Fixit Guy is excluding a lot of things trying to control a sensitivity he has developed. I am happy to try LSA as suggested by one friend (Linseed, Sunflower and Almond ground up together). I've had porridge a couple of times this week for breakfast. Today though i have lashed out and had a repeat of my mother's day breakfast (only one croissant though.. It was to use up the bacon and the left over croissant.)

My weight has dropped a bit this week. Back down to 88 kgs which is pleasing. Hopefully not eating any shop bought biscuits or cakes, easing right back on the chocolate, only have a little bit of cake on occasions, will help me lose some more. 

I have really been picking up my steps too. I had a few really low step days last week with feeling so tired and having visitors. However from Sunday I have managed over 10 000 steps each day and have climbed to the top of my friends list on Fitbit. One of my friends, who always creamed us with averaging 17 000 steps a day, had an accident and broke her leg in 3 places so needless to say she has fallen right down to the bottom of the rankings. Get well soon Terje. We all wanted to catch you... but not that way.

The dogs have enjoyed the extra walking I have been doing. Bumbles was here for about 10 days now she has gone and we probably won't dog sit here again as her family have moved 600kms away. The dogs are looking at a kangaroo on the other side of the gate. The phone photo doesn't show it up too well but it is there.

Random photo of Jack cause I had it

And another one. He was barking at me cause I was trying to get a photo of Digby and he was jealous. The Digby photos were nothing. I love this one of Jack

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  1. Glad it wasn't the virus you thought it was! I guess it's a sign to slow down and take good care of yourself. Love the Jack pictures!