Friday, May 9, 2014

Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday. I'm not. End of story.

As I have mentioned in previous blog entries this week. I am not feeling great. The doctor is testing to see if I have relapsed with the virus I had for 3 months last year.

My basic symptoms are tiredness (exhaustion) and aches and pains in my muscles. Neither of these are conducive to getting out there and running (so I haven't) or even going for long walks either (I haven't done that either very much this week)

Also I am very much a comfort eater. I love food. If I feel tired I eat. If I feel grumpy, I eat. If I feel sick I eat. So feeling tired and grumpy and off this week I have been eating... and not the right sort of food. Chocolate is my favourite go to must have comfort food. SO not good for weight loss.

My fitbit stats have really crashed and burned this week. I have had a couple of days where I have only gotten in half my steps. It has seen my ranking go for 2nd or 3rd to 5th or 6th. amongst my friends. I have tried to keep them up. I have tried to do more short walks to make up for missing out on the big walks. The dogs all are disgusted with me and give me very mournful looks through the back door if I have it open. (so I keep it closed. ) I am not exhausted all the time but when it hits I just want to stop and sit or lie down. So long walks aren't really in. I did go for one with my husband the other day and really enjoyed it. Got a lovely sunset photo so yay I have something to share.

Got a letter from my dietician reminding me I had missed my April appointment. Oops. Will have to make another one

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