Monday, May 26, 2014

Sunday Stash Report

Another week with no purchases. Yay. Go me

I have only had 4 small (I mean tiny) finishes. Actually I finished them last week but forgot to count them. I had to make a postcard for a summer post card swap being run by Sandi Colwell of Quilt Cabana Patterns. I had never made one before so was a bit nervous. I made 4 checking out how to do it. The postcards are 6"x 4". I am still without my excel spreadsheet which has the formula from Pam at Hip to be a Square in it. I tried to do it with a calculator but it was really weird. I got .627.... and like I said that was just plain weird. 

So I am going to leave my stash stats as the same as last week.

Year to Date Used                     64.97
Year to Date added                   38.31
Net Used                                    26.66m

I have made more progress on some projects. I now have 31 completed signature squares now. I am going to start to sew them together I think. I'll give the other contributors till Sunday to get them to me or else they will miss out.

The baby quilt I was making has the backing made and the I have made frankenbatting for the filling (pieed together bits of off cuts and scraps of batting to make a larger useful bit) Its a term coined by Pam (again) and she talks about it on this blog post. I am in the process of doing another piece of frankenbatting to probably use in Not So Sombre Stars for Derek. It will be in keeping with my recycling/repurposing/frugal quilting theme with the SOMB quilts. (although to be honest I used new whole pieces of batting for the other ones)

Good news re the laptop. The company fixing it called on Friday afternoon and said it was good to go and they would ship it Monday (Today... running late with this blog update) so should have it midweek. Its coming from Sydney so will take a few days. The tech didn't say anything about having to wipe the drive or anything. He did say they had to wait for parts when he'd emailed earlier so sounds like it was a hardware issue not software so maybe all my data will have been saved.

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  1. So glad to hear about your computer! I also called it frankenbatting when I pieced mine on Saturday. I think it's destined to be the official term. Good work on the stash!