Saturday, May 24, 2014

Friday Fitness coming to you on Saturday

Pleased to say I have continued to walk most days this week. Today might be the exception. I missed my morning walk and its going to be crazy busy today. I have made my 10 000 steps each day which is pleasing but not much more than that so have surrendered my Poll position amongst my friends as to most steps in 7 days. In fact a couple of days I slipped to 4th (shock horror) Currently I am 3rd! Why did I add Tazitaff (my friends husband)? He is ahead of me now

I had planned to run 5 kms this week but instead managed to do a couple of run walk sessions of c25k and one run jog ie where I jogged for the walk sections and ran harder for the running sections. My girlfriend has asked me to start walking with her again at 6AM 3 times a week. It means I am going to have to go to bed at a decent hour (Fixit guy will be pleased) and not quilt till midnight. Of course its cold and dark at 6AM. I must be mad. The dog is going to think we are so weird. Won't be going down by the river at that time of the day. 

It is good to have been active each day. Food choices have been ok... have been eating some cornflake biscuits at night but now they are all gone. Did have croissants again for breakfast this morning (Fangirl slept over so we ate 3 between the 2 of us) She has been away all week at a conference and flew in last night and we went straight to the theatre for the 2nd last night of the production. Then came home here afterwards at midnight and decided it was easier for her to sleep here than find her keys and go to her own house. Suited me. Fixit Guy was away so it was nice to have the company.

Fixit Guy had gone to Townsville Friday morning for the funeral of his godmother and mother's cousin. I would have gone with him normally but it was the play and I am prompt. Normally Fangirl could have stepped in and done it but she was away and flying in just before performance. She got there in time BUT planes can run late, be cancelled, etc so it was all a bit too iffy. And the play has to have a prompt. There are only 3 actors so have huge amount of lines each so its really tricky. He comes back today.

I saw my dietitian on Monday and we discussed my cholesterol levels and diet. She told me that there were only 3 things proven to help with cholesterol. Increased fibre, plant sterols and something else I have forgotten. We already do most of the things that are recommended for decreasing it in the diet. She didn't give me a magic bullet for how to get it down or anything. Its hard work. Just like weightloss. Any easy weight loss solutions aren't going to work. You have to be committed to the process. She was pleased to hear my weight has dropped to the 88's.... i was 88kg on Monday but back to 88.4 today (and has been higher this week) 

The bouganvillea is in full bloom around our town at the moment. This one is on the corner of the street is looking very striking

The river on one of my walks this week

Pippin on the bed this morning. He was feeling very feisty and kept biting my toes.

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