Thursday, May 22, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I am running late with my WIP Wednesday and now it is almost midnight so I should be in bed and not writing this so late

Not so Sombre Stars.
I collected a few more signature squares for the back from people on Sunday and have them sashed and ready to go into the back. I could start to put the back together but I want to wait till I have more in so I can arrange them better. Some ladies in the church are wanting to do some embroidery on their blocks which is really lovely of them but I just want to get them in so I can assemble the back. It will get done...eventually

Disappearing into the Blue
For the first week in over a month or more I spent a long day up at the sewing room and got a fair bit done on the quilt. I added the narrow white border and started to make the piano key border. I am using1.5" and 2" strips of the fabric in the pinwheels in the border. They will be 4" finished. I accidentally cut a few 1/2' short so they will go into the backing. I have made almost half of the piano key border although I have not attached it to the quilt.

Baby Quilt
I started to put together another baby quilt today using some of the teddy bear embroideries my mum made and some left over nine patches from another baby quilt. It is an organic design... I am making it up as I got along and determinedly using up all the pale green fabrics that I had bought for the other quilt. I don't like baby quilts to be too small. They aren't useful for long enough. So far I have grown it to 38" square but am going to need to make it to at least 40 to begin to satisfy me and perhaps even larger if i can work out some things to go extend it. It has come together quite quickly since I had the 9 patches in it already made. I am slowing down now though as I am having to make the units I need. Still I should be able to get it finished in a few days. I don't have a baby in mind for this quilt but with so many nieces and nephews in my family it is bound to be needed before too long. 

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  1. Lots of lovely WiPs. I especially lovey your baby quilt. That's a lovely design to use the left over embroideries with.

  2. The baby quilt is adorable!! Love it. Your signed squares are coming right along too! Now get to bed!