Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Fitness

Hey everyone. How has your week gone? Have you made progress on your goals be they crafting or fitness or something else.

We've had a bit of excitement here at our place both personally and as a state.-

Fixit Guy, Fangirl and I went to Brisbane last weekend to continue the birthday celebrations for Fangirl who turned 30. We had a blast. She has written about it on her blog so check it out here

Just  before we left I had a phone call from the deputy principal of the Capricorn School of Distance Education  (CSDE) school here in town asking if I would take a one day a week contract for as long as I liked. I wasn't looking for any work, considering myself basically retired but they were keen for me to come in and that is always very flattering. I've agreed to work till the Easter holidays and have another look at it then. Fixit Guy has retired and we want to travel. We have no firm plans for the moment for going away (apart from a week in Malaysia in the Easter school holidays) however I want to be free to do so if we want. I worked 2 days this week... one day to get me up to speed with the technology (and I am still floundering with that but it gave me a bit of an idea) and then today was my official work day. The school is not a conventional school - it has teachers and students but the students are at home and the teachers are in the base school. These kids are from cattle stations and properties, too far away from schools for them to travel to, or else they have other circumstances that make attending a regular school impossible (illness, physical impairment, or travelling)

And the excitement on a state level... Queensland has had a category 5 cyclone impacting our coast. In fact it crossed the coast not far north of where we live (but on the coast. We are 4 hours inland) Category 5 is a very fierce storm. We here haven't been affected - its been a cloudy grey day but no wind or rain to speak of. However Rockhampton is our nearest city and the storm passed right over it. Many local people have family and friends living there and our local regional radio station has stayed with the storm all day giving information and updates. It affected my first on air lessons with the children as many of them live in areas affected by the storm. Only half of them came on line for our lesson this morning. And of those who did they were very concerned for their friends who weren't there.

As predicted last week my step counts took a little bit of a battering over the weekend and so did my calorie intake. Whooee... a weekend away will do that too you! Actually my steps over the weekend weren't too bad, and should have been better but for the fact that my Fitbit stopped working for the first 5000 steps of this massive walk Fixit Guy and I went on Sunday afternoon. He logged 9000 for the walk alone where as my step count was 5000 and that included the steps I got before it played up. Never mind. Monday was also a low step day cause we flew  home that day, got in too late for a walk after we got in and before hand well... sitting in airport lounges, cars, planes and people's homes will do that. We did a bit of walking within the airport but didn't really have much time.

And as to the food... we went to Eat Street on Friday night for dinner and sampled a huge range of dishes (sharing them amongst the 5 of us). We went out for breakfast Saturday morning and later in the morning stopped to have coffee (and an amazing ginger scone which Fixit Guy and I shared), then a chocolate High Tea in the afternoon - it was a buffet themed with chocolate... After the show we had a late night snack at a bar in the Queen St Mall. Brekky out again on Sunday, a late lunch and even later afternoon tea and then a very late dinner that night. A late breakfast Monday - followed by a light lunch and then a snack on the plane and light dinner when we got home. So food food and more food.

I was pleased to have not put on too much weight when we got home.

My steps for the week have been
Friday                    10 408 -  a morning walk followed by walking around the airport and about the                                                     markets              
Saturday                12 215 - walking around the city, for shopping, to high tea and over to the theatre                                                at night
Sunday                   7 293   - walking about the city and a huge walk in the afternoon only half of                                                      which was counted due to fitbit failure :(
Monday                  4 521   - a low day due to it being a travel day. We walked to the bus and from the                                              bus to Kombi Boys home, plus a walk from the drop off point to the                                                      airport lounge
Tuesday                 10 993   - home again so  back to walking the dog
Wednesday            10 033   - morning walk and then a day at work. I thought that my steps would be                                               lower but surprisingly found I got my steps pretty easily
Thursday                10 836  - morning walk followed by some shopping helped me get my steps up

I've basically remained around 10th on my friends list... sliding down a little some days and climbing up on others.

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