Friday, February 6, 2015

Throwback Thursday on a Friday

Running late with this blog post... by about 3 months and a day. However I wanted to write one today to throwback to something that happened 30 years ago.

30 years ago today I became a mum for the first time. Yes my darling daughter, known on this blog as Fangirl, turns 30 today. Happy birthday sweetheart.

Its been an amazing 30 years filled with lots of adventures, a few misadventures, travel, challenges, ups and downs. Here's a few photos from over the years


  She's a much respected professional in her role as an Occupational Therapist; a new home owner, She has her own mini craft business selling cross stitch patterns ( She's  my go to technical advisor for all things blog related (and computer program related) She's my favourite person to ring up and go for a coffee or a quick lunch, a keen companion for movie trips and always willing to be co-opted for a shopping trip or a theatre outing. So pleased that she lives locally. Love you darling girl

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