Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday (Lack of) Fitness

How embarrassing. Another Friday come around and I have failed to meet my goal of going to bed at 10 pm completely. I don't think I managed it once this week. Will start again on Monday and try really hard to meet it 5 out of 7 nights. Sigh. I did have a few excuses this week. It was Fangirl's 30th birthday last Friday and we went out to dinner as a family (well what family we had in town ie Fixit Guy, Fangirl, Boyo and me) We had played a game after we got home - a card game Boyo had that was way too complicated for my poor old brain. When we finished I ducked downstairs and proceeded to do some sewing to prove to myself that I still had it... that I really wasn't past it... that my brain did work. As a consequence it got a bit late.

Saturday was the big bbq here in the backyard to celebrate said birthday with extended friends (no family though... all our extended family lives minimum of 7 hours drive away). Spent the day preparing for it and then the party and then cleaning up from it. It was fun though (She had a suitably geeky theme of Adventures in Time and Space. We decorated in TARDIS blue, she wore the TARDIS dress I had altered for her and we decorated in blues and silver)  Her dad made and decorated her cake which we thought was pretty cool

And the rest of the week I seemed to stay up late sewing or watching tv or both. It was a productive sewing week but not so productive sleepwise.

My Steps have taken a bit of a battering as well. Not too bad but no extra big step days to make up for the few days where I missed the mark. Still only walking once a day and usually not at all on the weekend so lots of marching or jogging on the spot for me. I try to make sure I get 1 000 steps an hour on the days I don't walk at all or which I am being very sedentary. I'll sew for 10 minutes say and then jog to get 100 or 200 steps. It helps me keep the numbers up during the day when I'm sewing a lot... and this week I have done a lot of sewing

Friday                      10 109
Saturday                    9 608
Sunday                      8 232
Monday                  10 639
Tuesday                  10 103
Wednesday               8 118
Thursday                 12 310

I've developed a tummy bug these last few days - nothing major but feel a bit nauseous and tired so that hasn't helped too much. Fixit Guy has had it as well. When he gets a funny tummy he stops eating completely. Me... I always think that maybe if I eat something I will feel better. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. So he always loses weight (which he doesn't need to) when he is unwell and me... I often put some on!

 We are off to Brisbane for the weekend with Fangirl and a few friends to continue celebrating her birthday. Tonight we are going to Eat Street markets for dinner. Tomorrow afternoon we are going to a Chocolate High Tea at The Stamford in Brisbane. 

Brisbane High Tea

We are going late in the afternoon so it will do us for dinner before the show... we are going to see Wicked.

 We will no doubt go out for supper afterwards as well. Then Sunday we are meeting up with our son and his partner, Kombi Boy and Gamer Girl for breakfast in the city... so its going to be a weekend of good food so I am not going to pretend that any diet is  happening. I will try to make healthy choices where possibly... and when there isn't something more tempting on offer.

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