Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mid month goals review

Since it's now the middle of the month it's time to have a look at how I am going with this months goals

February  Quilty Goals
1) Complete the POD paper pieced blocks as they come up each week. There should be 4 for February

I am up to date with all the POD blocks released so far this month. I've started embroidering titles on some of the books too. Not sure if that was a good idea or not but whatever. No pictures of them yet

2) Complete Annie's Quilt ie quilt, bind and label it

No work done on this yet. Maybe next week

3) Complete Vanishing Hours ie trim, bind and label it

It's come back from the long armer but no work done on it yet. I have to choose binding fabric.

4) Make 4 zipper pouches for Handmade Love (craft group raising money for Our Rainbow House, a school in Zambia)

I haven't made any zipper pouches but the Our Rainbow House craft group has started up now. It's called hand Made Love. We met for the first time last week. I've made 2 denim jeans bags this month and had already made 2. I still want to try to make the zipper ones though.

5) Finish watching Carol Doaks Craftsy class and complete some projects

I've watched all the classes. I have ordered the add a quarter inch ruler she recommends. I do want to make the projects in the class.

6) make some placemats.

I made Fangirl a set of 6 placemats for her birthday. This was my intention when I made that a goal for this month but since she sometimes reads my blog I couldn't actually say that here. 

7) Locate all UFOs, write list, put on blog

I went through the cupboards and wrote up a list of projects I have. I've broken them up into ones that I've started and also listed ones that I have bought the fabric for as well as a list of stitcheries made that have to be worked into a completed project.mones started have been listed on my blog

8) Make some progress on Tea Shop Quilt

All the appliqué blocks are now completed. Yay! I finished the last one this weekend. It's on my design wall so now I have to sew it together

9) Continue to make progress on my Yearly goals

2015 goals

1) continue to track my fabric use and purchases with an aim to having a bigger net usage this year than last 

I've been tracking my usage and purchases. Since my Massdrop purchase of a FQ bundle confessed to at the beginning of the month I haven't bought any fabric. I have been given some scraps by friends but this has been too hard to measure so I haven't added it. I am in the positive any way

2) purchase fabric for usage not for stashing ie having a purpose for fabric bought 

See above. No impromptu purchases even though I went to a fabric shop with a 50% off all fabric sale on. Such restraint

3) make mini quilts for Anzac Day, Australia Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Birthday. 
No further progress made on these. (I made the Australia Day one last month) Need to make a birthday one soon

4) complete quilts for donation as required - aim for 25%
I am going to include not just quilts but all my sewing. So far I have made the 4 denim jeans bags and a baby quilt so it is at least a start

5)list Craftsy classes and work on watching them. Do BOM one from 2012 was it? 
I haven't actually listed my classes out but I have completed watching the Paper pieced one

6) continue to blog regularly WIP Wednesday, Fitness Friday, Sunday Stash Report on weekly basis and then others as I see fit. 
I have been regular with all these blog posts - for the most part anyway

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