Saturday, February 28, 2015

End of the month Check in

Its the last day of February. Do you ever get tricked by February being a short month... thinking something ages off cause it isn't even March yet... only half way through the 20s of the month and BAM its the 28th and there is no more February. March is only a day away (which in my case is Yay cause that is birthday month for me)

Time to check in on how I have gone with my goals for February. My goals were

1) Complete the POD paper pieced blocks as they come up each week. There should be 4 for February
These are all done. I completed week 8 block a day or two ago. These aren't quite in order but they are the 4 blocks from this month


2) Complete Annie's Quilt ie quilt, bind and label it

I finished this this morning. I blogged about it here

3) Complete Vanishing Hours ie trim, bind and label it

Completed this last week. Its now on our bed :) I blogged about it here

4) Make 4 zipper pouches for Handmade Love (craft group raising money for Our Rainbow House, a school in Zambia)

I haven't made any more zipper pouches. I have made 4 denim bags and a messenger bag. I hope to make some zipper pouches very soon... but not this month

5) Finish watching Carol Doak's Craftsy class and complete some projects
I have watched all of the class and have instituted a few of the techniques. I bought 2 add a quarter inch rulers as per her recommendations. I do intend to complete the projects she shows but haven't yet

6) make some placemats.

I made Fangirl a set of 6 placemats for her birthday early in the month

7) Locate all UFOs, write list, put on blog

I have been through my cupboards and written up a list of them and they are on the blog (well the ones that have been started. I also have a list of ones that I have purchased fabric for or patterns but haven't put them on the blog as they are still nebulous and subject to change

8) Make some progress on Tea Shop Quilt

The Tea Shop Quilt top is finished. I have made a backing for it and have cut the wadding. Hopefully I will get it pinned this coming week at patchwork

So - of these 8 goals I have fully completed 6 of them and the other 2 I made progress on or at least alternate progress. I think that was pretty good.

 I also wanted to make progress on my yearly goals

  1. continue to track my fabric use and purchases with an aim to having a bigger net usage this year than last. I have been doing this and it is lots of fun. Not sure I will make my aim of using more this year than last as many of my projects this year have been fairly small 
  2. purchase fabric for usage not stashing ie having a purpose for fabric bought have been sticking to this. I was given some fabric today and offered some more but that doesn't count :) well it counts on my tracking spreadsheet but its not me buying it
  3. make mini quilts for Anzac Day, Australia Day, Easter, Mothers' Day and Birthday haven't done anything concrete towards this apart from find a paper pieced pattern for a birthday cake banner 
  4. complete quilts for donation as required - aim for 25% I have made one quilt to give away this month (just completed) but have also made bags and hand towels for Our Rainbow House stalls
  5. List Crafts classes and work on watching them. Do BOM one from 2012 I haven't written out the list but I have watched one class this month. I didn't do any blocks from the BOM one though :(
  6. continue to blog regularly I have blogged several times a week Yay me. 
My word for this year has been Do and I have been doing!!! My quilting goal has been to master paper piecing and I have been making progress on this one too.

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