Sunday, March 1, 2015

Stash Report Sunday

Busy week meant I had a couple of moderate sized finishes this week.

I started a quilt last Sunday afternoon. I had decided on the design during church and came home and laid it out. It was a new banner for our church for lent. I got the top put together that day and was able to finish it off on Tuesday. Its hanging in our church today. I based it on a design I found on the Fat Quarter Shop. It was 80cm square (approx 31.5") and used 1.6m of fabric

As reported in yesterday's post The Tale (not tail) of Annie's Quilt I got it finished in time to give it to a friend whose house has been deemed uninhabitable after Cyclone Marcia. I forgot to measure it before I gave it to her however I could work it out from the size of the blocks and calculate its size. It was approximately 182cm  x 162 cm (72" x 64") using 6.82m of fabric

We have hosted 5 guests this weekend who were in town for an Emmaus training day. They each bought us a thank you gift and one friend (whom we've known for years) bought me two bundles of fat quarters - 10 of them all together.  He said he had a fabric intensive as he shopped in Spotlight learning about jelly rolls and charm packs and fat quarter bundles.

One bundle was called Traveller and another was of greys. Such a thoughtful gift. That was a total of 2.45m in

There isn't going to be much movement for a while now. For a few weeks now I've had the silent thrill of knowing I had 2 big finishes just waiting in the wings, with just a little bit more work to be done on them and then BAM there would be a big jump in fabric usage. I do have the Teashop Quilt top done now so getting it pin basted and quilted will be another moderate finish but there is nothing big planned. I am going to have to get stuck into little things to sell at the Our Rainbow House stall at the afternoon tea at the end of the month so that will take up a fair bit of my stitching time. They will all be small projects and not account for much stash usage. It will be good to get it done though.

So this weeks stats

This Week

Fabric Used                               8.42m

Fabric Added                              2.43m

Year to Date

Fabric Used                               37.68m

Fabric Added                             12.78m

Net Fabric used                         24.90m

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