Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sunday Stash Report

Arghh This report is now 2 days late but it isn't for want of trying. I even started to write it early... on Saturday night. We were going away on Sunday but as I was taking my computer with me I thought that I would be able to complete it and post it later that day. I use my iPhone as a hotspot and so would link up and post it after I had finished it. Yeah... well... it wouldn't link up. I wasn't sure what was wrong with it. My iPad would link up no problems but not the computer. I didn't want to retype the report and I didn't think it had actually saved, or at least not completely, so I wasn't going to be able to link to it from the net. 

Now we are home again and I am back on the net with the computer. Fixit Guy has also resolved the problem... the computer was trying to link up but the wrong password was saved. He fixed that and all good again. But.... we are very late with this. Anyway here it is

Its been a busy week this week but very little in the way of finishes to report.

Early on in the week I made 2 hanging kitchen towels and a denim jeans bag for Handmade With Love  (that's a group that I am in who makes things to sell to raise money for a school in Zambia called Our Rainbow House) I handed them in to the group co-ordinator on Tuesday and forgot to take any photos of them so there aren't even any pretty pictures to show you. Between them they used up .37m of fabric so that has made barely a dint in my stash.

Saturday I finally got around to making another miniature quilt to hang in our foyer. I have plans to make a different quilt to hang there for each month of the year. I already have 5. 4 were made from embroideries that my Mum made that are based on the seasons. I made one in January for Australia Day. Now I have made this one for birthdays. I got it made in time to hang for my birthday which is at the end of this month. I used this paper pieced pattern by Jennifer Mathis of Ellison Lane. It used a total of .3 of a metre. There are lots of great patterns on this website. She uses lots of modern fabrics and there is a great range of free tutorials for heaps of things. Only hassle I have found is that there isn't a great search function on the website. I knew the pattern came from her website but to find it I had to Google it each time I wanted to go back to it. Her pattern is for a table runner but I chose to make it as a mini quilt.

 I forgot to put in the nifty little triangles pieces into the corner whilst sewing up the binding that make for easy hanging so had to do a rod pocket as usual. I am not sure I like the binding with it but hey... its done and hanging up and for that I am glad. I might yet make myself another one in different colours just because... but then again I might not. :)

I have been busy with other projects - just that there were no finishes. This week I have made 3 small blocks for the Elephant Parade QAL

 I completed the latest block, block 10 in the POD QAL. This block is supposed to be of Harry Potter's spell books, one for each year he spent at Hogwarts (since he didn't go back to finish school he didn't get the 7th book) That's why they are all the same but with a different colour stripe. Not sure anyone would actually have a red spotted school textbook but it appealed to me :)

 I also completed Step 3 in Scrapitude 2015: Scrap in a Box. That was a bit of a doozey of a step requiring the cutting of lots of triangles and the sewing of lots of biases. I got it done but not without having to cut more squares because I had misinterpreted an earlier step and used up all squares of a certain size. I got there in the end

That was my week. No purchases So my stats are

This Week (week 11)

Fabric Used                               0.66m

Fabric Added                              0.00m

Year to Date

Fabric Used                               43.20m

Fabric Added                             12.78m

Net Fabric used                         30.42m

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