Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Stash -all boxed up

Its been another low usage week but up till yesterday it was a no usage week - well no finishes that is.

 I had completed some hand stitching on one of the POD blocks - the names of some books on the book spines. I don't know if I will do it to all of them though. It is very time consuming and some of the fabrics I have used are so busy that I don't think titles will stand out. I might do it for some of the plain spines but leave the rest. I am still debating it. 

Other people in the POD QAL have embroidery machines and are doing them that way which is much quicker (and neater) I do have some letter choices on my stitch selections on my machine but haven't ever used them and don't want to mess up any of my blocks trying to do it. Should I embroider the material before I make up the block - in which case I have to be very careful in putting the blocks together that I don't get the positioning wrong - or do it afterwards.... I'm in a quandary. I figure that by the time I learn to use the stitch selection well enough not to wreck the block I can probably have stitched a couple of blocks by hand!!

 It is good to have a hand project to do too. I could have done with one on Thursday when we went on a friendship day visit to another quilting group in a near by town (an hour's drive) I took my machine and associated projects but we didn't get to set it up at all. By the time we had morning tea as soon as we arrived, and then show and tell, then it was time for lunch, a bit more chatting and time to come home. I had one of the book blocks with me and I got it finished off but I hadn't written the titles on the other block I had with me so couldn't do any more. It was a might bit frustrating.

The other group had lots of projects to show us and when they found that I was stitching for a stall they generously shared a lot of ideas with me so it was a beaut day - and more handwork would have made it even better!!

Yesterday I decided to get stuck into a couple of projects. One was the words to go on the banner for church today. I have shared pictures previously of the purple banner I made a few years ago to hang in our church for Lent and Advent. I made detachable words that could be added to the banner to emphasise the theme of the service and build the banner towards the climax of Easter Day (Lent) and Christmas Day (Advent) Both of these seasons of the church are periods of waiting, anticipation, preparation and so the words I had made reflect these actions. The minister we had when I made the banner really valued the visual side of worship. She was always very careful and thoughtful about the choice of words to go up (in fact when I was making the banner and the first lot of words she drove me nuts over the length of time it took her to come up with the words she wanted). She has since moved onto another parish and currently we have an interim guy who is lovely - excellent preacher, friendly, caring outgoing BUT not into the visual side of worship at all. He happily handed over all responsibility for setting the worship scene as far as banners go to me.

I posted a picture of the long purple banner in situ, without words, on my Twitter and Facebook feeds at the start of Lent and asked my followers and friends what words they would put on. 

One friend (another minister as it turns out) suggested "Are we there yet?" For the first 4 Sundays of Lent I went with various words I had already made but yesterday I sat down and made those words and put them on the banner today. I think they looked great. They weren't a big usage of fabric but did account for .66m

Inspired by the ladies we had visited on Thursday I also made 2 boxy zipper pouches to go on our Handmade With Love stall at the afternoon tea for Our Rainbow House next Saturday. I am counting them as finished although I still have to stitch on the label and also make a zipper pull for them. They took a little over .46m each so that was a .93m altogether.

I haven't got to sit down and work on the quilting of Tea Shop Quilt and I wanted it for the afternoon tea next week as well. I am going to have to get my act together and do it. I am not sure how I want to quilt it which is probably what is delaying me.

No purchases this week. I was looking at some fat quarter bundles on Massdrop this week but resisted. I do NOT need any fabric whatsoever. Its my birthday on Friday and occasionally my family give me quilty stuff so I might score then... but maybe not. I might have to treat myself if they don't :)

This Week (week 12)

Fabric Used                               1.58m

Fabric Added                              0.00m

Year to Date

Fabric Used                               44.78m

Fabric Added                             12.78m

Net Fabric used                         32.00m

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