Sunday, March 8, 2015

March Goals updates - one week in

My March Goals were
  • make 3 bags for Hand Made
I've made 6 (Yeah an over achiever but I realised that the craft stall is the end of this month so I really have to keep up the output)

  • complete blue quilt top for patchwork
I've been working on this and have the centre completed and am making progress with the next round of blocks

  • do a block from 2012 BOM Craftsy class
Haven't looked at this
  • complete Tea Shop Quilt
Haven't worked on this. Still need to get it pin basted. Will work on it this week at patchwork before I get on with blue quilt
  • start work on Judy's bluebird quilt
Made some progress on this - I've got the blocks trimmed and the set in triangles for each block attached.

  • make Lenten banner
This is completed and hanging in church

  • make miniature birthday quilt
I've found and printed out a pattern. I want to get it done by my birthday at the end of the month
  • complete all blocks for POD challenge
Block 8 is done. Block 9 is waiting for me to work on. The pattern is printed out and I've even done the perforations around the block to make it easier to take the paper out but no stitching done yet


  • complete Elephant parade blocks
Up to date with these so far

 So despite it being a very ambitious set of goals I feel I am making good progress and have an excellent chance of completing them all. I forgot to add complete March step in Scrapitude.

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