Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Stash Report

I am very delighted to be able to count the Tea Shop Quilt as finished. Measuring 127cm square it accounted for 3.82m of fabric

I also finished off 3 little zipper pouches to go on the Our Rainbow House stall yesterday. They were only small and so between them accounted for only .73m, not a great amount but still some usage.

There was no fabric in this week. I didn't buy any nor was I given any for my birthday. But that is okay... I bought myself a few other non fabric but sewing related goodies as my birthday gift... a new rotary cutter and some pens from Massdrop.

I completed two clutch bags for the ORH stall as well but as that fabric came from a lovely pile of fabric that we have been donated and I didn't count it as fabric in I can't count it as fabric out.

My darling husband, known as Fixit Guy had bought me a gift and left it on the coffee table in the loungeroom the night before my birthday. We didn't stop to open it before meeting our daughter Fangirl for breakfast on my birthday. It was a large box and I had an inkling what it might be. At breakfast our daughter arrived with an identical sized box, and some smaller gifts. She had organised with 2 of her brothers to buy a combined or at leased co-ordinated gift. The large box was a coffee machine and the smaller parcels were pods to go into it. As we were driving home Fixit Guy said to me "Don't open your present... I'm going to have to take it back" sure enough he had also bought me a coffee machine. I joked with him that whilst that is what I thought it might be I had also wondered if it could have been a very large box of fabric. No, he said that would have been way too expensive... and besides you would have to put it all on your spread sheet. (He helped refine my spreadsheet on Excel so it makes all sorts of automatic calculations for me so knows all about me having to track my fabric) He also admitted he wasn't really game to buy me fabric as he isn't sure what I like or can use.

Anyway my stats for this week

This Week (week 13)

Fabric Used                               4.55m

Fabric Added                              0.00m

Year to Date

Fabric Used                               49.33m

Fabric Added                             12.78m

Net Fabric used                         36.55m

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