Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tuesday Museday - thinking about the AtoZ challenge

Fangirl and I have both signed up to do the 2015 Blogging from A to Z challenge in April. I wrote about this here  a few weeks ago. As soon as I signed up I remembered that we were off to Malaysia for a week in April so that is going to make blogging every day a bit of a challenge... not to mention that we are also going to have Easter there in the beginning of the month (well so is everyone so that is no bigger challenge for us than for everyone else) and we will have Boyo home from university then as well. All this can be coped with. We just have to get ourselves a bit organised. Well I have to get me organised. Fangirl can look after herself. (I'd say I've given up trying to organise her a long time ago but she would probably disagree with me. I still poke my oar in with her occasionally to "help" her. She often appreciates it and acknowledges that she needs the assistance but other times when she thinks I am interfering she quietly digs her toes in and refuses to do anything till she is good and ready. She manages to get accomplished what she wanted to get done... sometimes. Other times she is madly scrambling and calling out to me for help to get it done in any sort of a fashion. 

However I digress.

I have, in an attempt to get myself organised so that this will prove to be a fun and engaging activity and NOT a mad panic, gone through and worked out what I could write about for each letter of the alphabet. They don't have to follow a theme or be connected but I will try to keep my posts on a quilty crafty and family theme since that is basically what my blog is about. Yes I do  also comment on my fitness ... but there is only so many times that I can say yeah not going anywhere with that right now.

Not only have I worked out things I can talk about for each letter of the alphabet (and in some cases multiple things I can write about for that letter) but I have started posts for each one of them. Well so far most of them have only got a title... A is for... B is for.... etc but that is a start.

Oh and I have started collecting photos. So I have started.

Why is it that for some letters of the alphabet I have been able to come up with 10 topics to write about and for others I have been scratching to find even one. I have done some creative spelling for some letters... but that is understandable... and allowed. Its my blog after all.

I was going to tell you what I had worked out but then thought I guess that is part of the surprise. I am supposed to leave you guessing and wondering and wishing you knew what I was going to come up with next!

Its not too late if you want to sign up for it too. Go on... join in... you know you want to :)

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