Friday, March 6, 2015

Fitness Friday - creeping up the ladder

After putting in a fair effort this week I've managed to creep up my fitbit friends list and even made it to 3rd for a little while. That means I snuck ahead of my friend Sam albeit briefly but I made it. I tried very hard to get a screen shot of it but the instructions for getting a screen shot on my iPhone 6 but some how holding the two buttons required was tricky for me. I either turned the screen off or activated Siri. I did manage it twice... the first time though the volume icon had come on and obscured my name. The second time worked beautifully.

Now I have proof that I managed it, at least for a few hours (till Sam logged in and synced and blew me out of the water) Actually I have crept past Sam most mornings (she must be having a slow week) although by the afternoon when she syncs in she passes me.

Friday                              17 665                
Saturday                          10 393            
Sunday                            10 466
Monday                           14 357
Tuesday                           13 443
Wednesday                      13 084
Thursday                          10 436

Today Sam has zoomed past me - that's because I lost the big steps from last Friday. And I think she had a good day too.  I am trying to get the steps back up there but don't think I am going to make it. Still I'm up to 16 000 so that is pretty good effort.

Hope you have had a good week and made your goals


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