Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday again

Friday Fitness time again. Once again its been a week of some exercise but no watching what I ate and in fact avoiding the scales all together. I don't need to get on... my shorts are tight and my chin folds are peaking out at me. Who needs to have it confirmed. I need to feel the urge to do something about it but so far... not feeling it at all

But I have been getting my 10 000 steps every day, even when its been busy or tough. I haven't had any huge days so I've slipped down my friends list on Fitbit but have been keeping things up so haven't fallen too far.

Steps for this week
Friday 11 828
Saturday 10 810
Sunday 10 050
Monday 10 253
Tuesday 10 622
Wednesday 16 806 (I did have one big day after all)
Thursday 10 467

The key to me getting really good numbers is getting in two walks a day. That means I don't have to do any running on the spot. There were several days this week when I got NO walks in and that meant there was a LOT of running on the spot. If I am trying to get steps up I try to slip in some on the spot marching or jogging in small batches... waiting for the jug to boil to make a cuppa, whilst cleaning my teeth or whilst I wait for the water in my shower to run warm (I will leave my fitbit on to the last minute. I have been told you can shower with it on but personally I don't like the feel)

Other ways I work on building my step numbers are putting my ironing board away from my machine... then I have to walk over to it and get a few more steps up then. I will also jog for a minute here and there whilst sewing. I have a clock with a second hand on it in my sewing room and so I will jog for a minute or just 30 seconds here and there. It really does help to add the steps on, specially on days that would otherwise be very low step days.

This next week doesn't promise to be very good for any sort of dieting. Its my birthday next Friday and I am expecting to get spoiled by my family (Fixit Guy and Fangirl are both in town and both are good at that) Its also the last day of my teaching contract (yes I have to work on my birthday - not really impressed by that) so might score some cake there too. That evening we are also going out to farewell drinks for some long term friends who are leaving town shortly. Then on Saturday it is the big afternoon tea for Our Rainbow House and I will be attending that. It is the first outing for Handmade With Love, the craft group I am involved with too who sew things to raise money for ORH. I am hoping to get busy this weekend and sew some more zipper bags to sell there. One way and another, there will be a lot of yummy food on offer. And like Oscar Wilde said... I can resist anything but temptation


  1. Hats off to you, it never occured to me to run in place to gert steps in... Keep up the great work!

  2. Hello fellow fitbit-er. I have the One. Now at it a full year, started last April. Was doing really well, until the snow, and now my numbers are wayyyyyyyyyy down. Try to walk inside the house, around and around, up and down the steps etc. Out blog walking gearing up for the a-z challenge. Always nice to connect with more bloggers.

    Sandy at Bridge and Beyond