Friday, March 13, 2015

Unfit Friday

Had a busy week and whilst I got my steps every day I over ate - including heaps of home made biscuits cause I baked this week. I haven't been game to hop on the scales. I really don't want to know!!

Friday                     17 878
Saturday                 13 649
Sunday                   14 423
Monday                  14 842
Tuesday                  15 063
Wednesday             13 339
Thursday                10 482

Despite sitting in the 90 000 steps for most of the week by the end of the day I have been rating 4th - 5th on my friends list. I not only have been chasing Sam and Terje most of the week but two newish friends have been hitting up big numbers in the steps. Sigh.... still its all good and gives me something to chase. Today my big number from a week ago is no longer on my score. I don't think I am going to make 17 000 today.

Today we heard that the author Terry Pratchett has died. He has been someone whose works our whole family has enjoyed. My daughter and oldest son in particular have been big fans of his and both were very sad to hear the news

My son put this wonderful poem on his face book page which he found here

The sun goes down upon the Ankh,

And slowly, softly fades -

Across the Drum; the Royal Bank;

The River-Gate; the Shades.

A stony circle's closed to elves;

And here, where lines are blurred,

Between the stacks of books on shelves,

A quiet 'Ook' is heard.

A copper steps the city-street

On paths he's often passed;

The final march; the final beat;

The time to rest at last

He gives his badge a final shine,

And sadly shakes his head -

While Granny lies beneath a sign

That says: 'I aten't dead.'

The Luggage shifts in sleep and dreams;

It's now. The time's at hand.

For where it's always night, it seems,

A timer clears of sand.

And so it is that Death arrives,

When all the time has gone...

But dreams endure, and hope survives,

And Discworld carries on.

- Poem_for_your_sprog

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