Friday, February 13, 2015

Sunday Stash Report

I've done a fair bit of sewing this week but have very few finished projects so very little fabric I can count in my stash report.

I put borders on and quilted a cross stitch completed by the mother of friends of ours. Elaine died suddenly several years ago and had left behind, amongst other projects, a cross stitch of the mission statement of our church. She had completed the cross stitch but not the finishing off. Last Sunday her daughter asked me if I could do something with it. it was actually very easy. I just put the white and red borders on it and then sandwhiched it, quilted and then bound it. Since the fabric to complete it was given with the project apart from the binding and label I haven't counted it. (I kept the left over  bits of fabric so that was probably the equivalent of what I put in so we are even

My only complete completions that are therefore able to be counted were 2 denim jeans bags I made on Tuesday. With these I can only count the lining as well because the jeans I used aren't exactly yardage from my stash. I thought that since I had made them previously that I would be a lot quicker with these but I seemed to stuff about just as much and did a fair bit of reverse sewing. I didn't even take a photo of the lining but they are lined with the same fabric I lined my previous ones... a tan tone on tone paisley which I thought matched the retro feel of the bags. I put two pockets, also cut off jeans inside. I changed the strap a little - lining it this time and letting a bit of the lining fabric show through. I removed the zips from these ones and also the belt loops and that made stitching the lining in much easier. I love them and hope that there will be buyers for them at the Our Rainbow House stall at the afternoon tea coming up at the end of March. I have another couple of the top part of the jeans that I can make into bags and hope to get them done by then too.

Total fabric usage .25m

I have been busy sewing else where. I have finished Clue 1 AND Clue 2 in the Scrapitude 2015 Scrap in a Box mystery quilt

I have completed the two blocks in the Elephant Parade QAL. Someone on a Facebook group I belong too added tails to her elephants and I think that looks really good so might try that too. So far I have just done one of each block. I am undecided as to whether I will make more to make a larger quilt

I have also completed block 6 in POD

What I haven't done is make the binding for my Vanishing Hours or quilt Annie's Quilt. If I had worked on those I'd have major usage to report

As to fabric in I haven't added anything. 

This Week

Fabric Used                               0.25m

Fabric Added                             0.00m

Year to Date

Fabric Used                               16.15m

Fabric Added                             10.35m

Net Fabric used                           5.80m

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