Thursday, April 14, 2016

L is for Lazy Daisy Quilts (and Reads)

Time to drum up business for another of my favourite podcasters.

L is for Lazy Daisy Quilts (and Reads). 

I went looking for some information on Daisy to augment what I had to say and I found that she had this on her web page and it says it all...

Lazy Daisy

I am a frugal, scrappy quilter. In this blog and podcast, I talk about my quilting projects, works in progress, and my new ventures into pattern writing and teaching. I try to offer info and tips that you can use in your own quiltmaking. I also talk about my life as a wife and mother.  I currently work in my local quilt shop, and I love helping beginners find their way into this addiction hobbyart form. Basically, I’m giving my two cents about whatever comes up. I sing a little, and I ramble a lot. They don’t call me motormouth for nuttin. This is a casual, conversational podcast. 
Daisy comes from Louisianna and I enjoy her accent. As an Australian I find the different accents on podcasts intriguiging. Most of the quilting podcasts I listen to are from the US and so I have gotten used to hearing an accent. Funny thing is when some of the podcasters interview someone from Australia I struggle to identify the accent.

I also enjoy her plain speaking. She doesn't mess around. If something annoys her she says so. She doesn't tolerate fools is probably one way of saying it. On her Facebook page she describes herself as "The friend you don't want to put on speaker phone". She doesn't swear or anything like that... but she doesn't mince her words either.

Daisy is currently designing embroideries for a stitch along. If you like the Outlander series of books and like to embroider then check them out. Her patterns are free and available to download from her website


Daisy has become a little haphazard in posting of late. She had some family issues (her dad got very sick) and she lost her quilting mojo so she didn't feel she had much to talk about but she still pops up occasionally. She is a member of the Twilters Group and so pops up on our Facebook page periodically too so we keep in touch there. However she has a heap of back issues of the podcast so if you haven't listened to her before there is plenty to listen to.


  1. Thanks for stopping by on my blog, so now I can follow yours! I have made a few quilts and enjoy it, but haven't had the time lately. I have the fabric, so I really do need to get started again.

  2. Ooh, that's a lovely design. My mom does a lot of intricate sewing, stitching, and embroidery. She makes beautiful quilts too. The Outlander design caught my attention, as I keep meaning to read those books! It's great to hear from an Aussie. I lived in Melbourne for a little while, and it was one of the best times of my life!

  3. Quilts are very beautiful, but I have yet to make one. My art interests are in painting and drawing. I hope you are enjoying the A to Z Challenge from
    Photography Today.