Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mid Month Update on my monthly Goals

This is not my official  A to Z post. Its a regular one for my regular readers (all 4 of them he he he) and for myself. Its my mid month Goal check in. But now its the 15th April it could be my M post! Go back for today's letter or stay and read this one as well. You are welcome

My goals for April 
Work on Handmade Love Projects: Whilst I haven't done any sewing on these I have cut out 5 casserole carriers, the large rectangular ones. I've used the African fabric our director brought back with her on various trips. The fabric is a bit slippery and despite my best efforts the cutting is not real straight. Still I will be able to fudge it. Stay tuned for photos.

Sew left over hexies into a strip for backing. These are the hexagons left over from the front of the quilt top I recently finished. I am making good progress with it. I have just got the side ones to stitch in and I will have the strip completed... although I still have some left over hexies. I will have to do something else with them. Sigh.

Cut fabric for Square in a Square quilt. This is done. It is one of the projects I have with me to sew on this trip.

Cut fabric for T Intersection quilt. Again, this is done and packed in the car for the trip. I might even get the machine out today and do a bit of sewing.

Complete A to Z blogging challenge. This is underway. Today is L so we are almost half way through the month and it is going well. I have just 2 posts still to write and I am struggling with the last 2 Y and Z. Leave suggestions for quilty topics I could address using them. I thought about Z for zippers but I did that last year. And Y for Y seams but... I have only sewn one quilt with Y seams and I had a tutor at my shoulder whilst I did it. Sigh

Do you have goals for this month? How are you going with them? Are you doing the A to Z challenge? How is it going? Do you write each day or like me have you scheduled ahead. I am not sure if that is cheating a bit but the way my April was shaping up... scheduling ahead was the only way it was going to get done.

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