Wednesday, April 6, 2016

WIP Wednesday

If you are visiting for the A to Z blogging challenge, this is one of my regular blogs not my alphabet post. Go back one and you will find E. You are most welcome to read anyway LOL

Currently I am not at home. I'm staying with my friend Suzy in Yeppoon, a beachside town on the Capricorn Coast in Central Queensland. Suzy is getting married on Saturday and I'm one of her bridal attendants. I've come down a few days early to help with all the last minute things that need to get done.

So the biggest work in progress for me this week has been wedding prep!

We had a mani pedi this afternoon... and a coffee. Good times

I gave them their wedding quilt when I arrived Monday and Suzy put it straight onto her bed. It looks great.

Fixit Guy and I are heading off for 7 weeks holiday a few days after we get back from Yeppoon (read about what we are doing  here) I will be taking my sewing machine with me and some projects. 

The two projects that I have prepared are theT or Intersection quilt , and a modified Squares within a Square block quilt. I'm also hoping to get the back made for my hexie quilt. 

Since I have been here with Suzy I have managed a bit of sewing. Whilst we have sat and chatted in the evening I have done some  hand stitching. I am using up the left over hexagons by piecing a strip that I will insert into the back of the quilt hexie. Suzy also asked me to take up 2 sets of curtains that were too long. I brought my sewing machine with me by accident. It was in the car already but I didn't bring my sewing box so had no pins, tape measure, scissors, bobbins etc. Suzy had some stuff (tape measure, pins and rather dodgy scissors) We bought some bobbins, thread and a decent pair of scissors. I got the curtains done this morning whilst Suzy is at work (Her last morning before she starts holidays.)

And that is it.

So what have you been working on this week?

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  1. Great looking quilt and I'm sure your friend will always love it.