Friday, April 15, 2016

WIP Wednesday on Friday

This isn't my blog post for A to Z challenge. Its a regular one. Go forwards or backwards if you are looking for it... but stay and read too. 

Man I am running really late this week. Blame the A to Z challenge. I am keeping up with it - have all my posts scheduled to post up till the last 2 letters of the month. Y and Z. Where possible I have high lighted quilting podcasts that I enjoy. Check back through the posts I have put up... C for Craft Sanity and Craft Planner, H for Hip to be a Square, L for Lazy Daisy and M for Modern Sewciety. They are great. Other than that I have written about various quilt related things. I have blogs planned for O is for Off Kilter quilter and W for Weezy Works.

Sewing wise... I have been hand stitching my left over hexies into a strip that will go onto the back of the Hexie quilt. I am up to stitching half hexies along the side (I'm actually using a full hexie and folding it over with the paper removed) but will have some left over still so will add them to both ends I think....

Last night I started my holiday sewing. Fixit Guy and I left home on Wednesday morning to drive to Brisbane where were are staying first with our daughter Fangirl and then with our 2 younger boys before heading down to Sydney for a family wedding and onto Melbourne where we will catch up with our oldest boy (The Beast) and his partner Beauty. Also we will pick up our new caravan. Whoopee.

Anyway I have my sewing machine with me and prepped a number of projects to bring with me. Last night I chose to start work on the T Intersection quilt (Bike fabrics... now called On Your Bike). I was making great headway and then ran out of the pre cut strips... well short of the finish. Turns out I only cut 32 of them instead of the 64 I need. 

32 completed T intersection blocks for On Your Bike

I did bring some full strips (ie width of fabric) that I was going to use as the first border which I can cut. That will give me another 18 but will still be 14 short. Its very frustrating as I have heaps of the fabric at home. I'm going to try to find some more of it today at the chain store (Spotlight) that I bought it at. Otherwise I will try to get the lady who is housesitting for us to find it and post it down to my son's place. I can't believe that I miscounted so badly... think I doubled it and doubled again... I was cutting the fabric folded over two at a time... I must have doubled one too many times. Grrrrrr

My daughters cats were of great help in the production of this blog post.... NOT. You can see Eevee's paw in the photo above. This is where she was standing before I moved her

Skimbles is on my right arm as I am trying to type this. You can't see the laptop but its on my knees out of sight... he's watching it intently.
 WIPs on Wednesday

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