Friday, April 15, 2016

M is for Modern Sewciety

Modern Sewciety is a podcast produced by Stephanie, a stay at home mum (or Mom since she's from the USA) with 2 young daughters who lives in Florida. 
Modern Sewciety - a blog and podcast about modern creative bloggers

She's up to episode 84 so I think she's been going about 2 years now. Hers is an interview style show.

A self confessed Instagram addict and long time blog lover she started the podcast so as to be able to get to know her favourite bloggers and instagramers. Her podcasts are pretty long as she usually has 2 -3 guests each episode. 

Stephanie is very bright and vivacious and her enthuisiasm for her craft comes across in her interviews and as she chats with the listeners before and after the interviews, revealing snippets of her life in the suburbs.

I started listening to her podcasts right from when she started. She was one I didn't have to binge listen to in order to get up to date. Its been intriguing to follow her development, both as a podcaster and as a quilter. She has become well known to  people in the industry and has been invited to test patterns, sew quilts for other designers, been given access to fabric before it is released and has started designing her own patterns.

For a while she was also doing a B side, another style of podcast that fed into her pod stream. It was much more chatty and off topic and generally it was like listening in to 2 friends yarning away... which is what it was as Stephanie talked to her friend Chris, the tattooed quilter. Unfortunately due to time constraints with Chris this has fallen away of late.

I enjoy listening to Stephanie chat away - her southern drawl is of interest to this little Aussie. Her podcasts are available on her website Modern Sewciety and on iTunes. She's also on instagram (of course) under that title too.

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