Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Stash Report

If you have come here looking for the blogging from A to Z post this is not one of them... this is my regular blog posts... just click back to the previous one... or read it anyway. 

No finishes at all for me this week. In fact only a tiny bit of hand stitching. Since last Monday I have been in Yeppoon, a seaside town on the Capricorn Coast of Queensland. I was bridesmaid for my friend yesterday and came down a week or so early to help her with the final preparations. I did take up some curtains for her so did use the machine for that project.

I stopped at Spotlight on my way through town and bought some fabric for a quilt backing (some lovely lemon minky) and some fabric for the T pieces of the T Intersection quilt that I am making. I couldn't decide between the grey and the blue so yeah I bought both and I know I will find a use for the one I don't use (it can go on the back if nowhere else)

So that did a bit of damage to my statistics.

I've been keeping up with my blogging challenge having put up a new entry each day apart from Sunday (today) this week. I managed that by having all the posts pre written before I left home and scheduled to go up. I have tried to come on and do a tweet about it with a link to each days entry but they have been a bit late at times.

However the important thing is that the wedding was beautiful and hopefully everything that Suzy and Stan wanted it to be. It was Suzy's first wedding and Stan's second. He was widowed 8 years ago. His 2 adult children stood up with him and his grandson's were the page boys. The hair dresser told the other bridesmaid it was the easiest wedding party she had ever worked with - there were no egos. Mature bride and attendants helped no doubt. 

So stats for this week
Stats from Weeks 14

                 Fabric used            0.00m
                 Fabric added          8.32m

Year to Date                 
                 Fabric used         33.37m                 
                 Fabric added       27.49m
Net Used                              55.88m  

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