Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fitness Friday

Its been a long time since I wrote a Fitness Friday post - and it corresponds with decreased activity on my behalf and wait gain. Sigh. I also had a recurrence of the fatigue virus 6 weeks ago which laid me pretty flat for a fortnight. Have shaken it off now and am consciously trying to make my steps each day.

Now we are travelling and that has always been a sign for me to put on weight but I can't afford to this time as I haven't lost the weight I put on the last couple of times we went away. I have packed the scales in the van with us as my way of keeping in check with how I am going. Wish me luck.

The first weekend of this trip we spent at an Emmaus gathering with the North Queensland community at New LIfe Pastures celebrating their 20th birthday. Emmaus gatherings and weekends are reknowned for the abundance and frequency of feeding. I consciously tried to not over indulge but as Fixit Guy said just have 2 pieces of yummy stuff for morning and afternoon tea at an Emmaus weekend isn't the same as not having anything at home. Surely all the stuff I said no to should count as weight lost. Excercising will power should burn calories instead of just not taking them in.

A weekend of meetings and gatherings doesn't lend itself to much activity. We went for a walk Friday afternoon after we had set up our camp. We drove back into Cardwell and went for an extended walk along the forshore which was beautiful but that was it till Monday apart from walking from our van to the dining room or conference room and back again.

Monday a visit to an excentric Spaniards dream castle involved a fair bit of walking over the grounds and this was followed by a long walk along beautiful Kurrumine Beach. We also visited a winery specialising in wines made from local tropical fruits. We had a tasting so sampled many deliscious wines and then purchased a bottle of mango wine.

Tuesday we shifted camp to Mission Beach where we went for a 6.4 km walk through the rainforest followed by another long beach walk. Clocked up 17 000 steps that day

Wednesday we went for another long walk along the beach and in the afternoon we put our bikes to use and enjoyed a ride to a lookout (only small hill) and all along the foreshore. 

Thursday we moved camp to Babinda. En route we went on a chocolate tour of one of the few commercial cocoa plantations in Australia, and the only one that produces and sells its own product. Its only in its early stages but it was a great tour - so enjoyable and of course there were lots of samples and we bought a few bars at the end. We stopped in Innisfail and enjoyed a walk along the Johnston River and beautiful park lands.
 After we set up camp we went for a late afternoon walk down to the swimming and day use area and for a walk through the rainforest to a lookout over the falls - just to the first lookout as it was getting dark and in the rainforest dusk is pretty dark.

Friday We went for a walk to the swimming hole again and then walked up the track to both lookouts. It was a popular spot in the morning even though it was a Friday not in school holidays here in Queensland although some of the southern states are on holidays still. Then we drove into town and had a walk around the town. We had packed a sandwich to eat whilst we were out but couldn't find a nice park so we pulled up in the shade at the showgrounds and ate there. As we were driving off of course we saw a lovely park... typical! Then we decided to visit Josephine Falls, It was a bit of a drive but only half an hour or so. Once there we walked up the track and visited all the viewing platforms. The river was interesting and there were lots of mini waterfalls and rapids as well as signs warnings of the dangers associated with swimming there. There have been a number of deaths and serious injuries in the area so they put up lots of warning signs. We didn't bathe there - just enjoyed the view.

We came back to the van and after a relax walked down to the swimming area at The Boulders for a relaxing dip. We weren't energetic at all.

And that is it for our activities for the week.

On the scales this morning I was 97.7kgs so have lost a tiny bit of weight on the trip so far.

My Fitbit stats for the week have been

Friday           9669
Saturday       3704
Sunday         3287
Monday       13076
Tuesday      18326
Wednesday 12517
Thursday    10094

So I've averaged over 10 000 steps and I am happy with that. 

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