Wednesday, October 26, 2016

WIP Wednesday

My big projects that I have been working on this month are all at a stand still. I need to get home to my stash to advance them and/or finish them off. 

String X is waiting on me choosing the background fabric and cutting the corner triangles. 

Homemade Heritage needs some more pink and purple strips for me to finish the last side and corner stone on each piece of embroidery. Then I will get to work on the borders.

 And the Club Mystery Quilt is needing a 1" finished border before I can put the piano key border on. I need to come up with a name for this quilt. I am thinking of calling it "Getting Along" cause that is the biggest mystery at our club... how to get everyone to get along with everyone else. Always seems to be someone on the outs with someone else. Individually they are all lovely women that I get along with (most of the time) but somehow there is always a bit of someone rubbing someone the wrong way.... sigh. But I do love my group.

There are no fabric shops here where I am currently in fact there are NO shops at all. My in-laws cattle station (ranch) is over an hour from the nearest shop of any description, aside from a petrol station. I also don't want to buy any fabric when I have a heap at home that I want to at least check out before I buy more.

As it turns out we might be making a trip down to Townsville in the next day or 2 to visit my nephew who is currently in hospital there. If I go then I will be visiting Spotlight to buy some signature bears for church so can check out fabric whilst I am there. 

Meantime I have been busy working on some smaller projects. 

I've made 5 sets of 10" potholders for a friend. She ordered them after seeing some I had made on Facebook. I showed the first 2 sets on Sunday Stash report but have since completed the other 3 sets.

I have also been making some Teeny Tiny Zipper Pouches from So Sew Easy (pattern on Craftsy). I've made 9 of them using scraps of fabric from other projects. The first couple I made to pattern and then I added a strip of fabric each side of the zipper for interest (I got the idea from another tutorial). I think that they have all turned out really cute.

I have made some more ear bud pouches - using up more of the scrap fabric. I've made 7 of them as well.

I made a couple more Easy cosmetic bags and 7 bandanna bibs. There's a few Pokemon bibs which I thought might appeal to the younger mums and a couple of Baber ones. I loved Babar so hope there are some shoppers who like him too

The caravan is getting into quite a mess. I have piles of fabric scraps everywhere. Staying at my in laws place I am not having to cook lunch or dinner so haven't had to clean up my sewing each day. I think I am going to have to had a tidy up soon before starting anything else.

So how are you progressing with your Works in Progress? Hope that you too are making progress

WIPs on Wednesday

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