Friday, October 14, 2016

Fitness Friday

Friday again. I forgot to weigh myself this morning so the weight update might get edited in tomorrow morning. Meanwhile....

We have been keeping active most of the week and I have managed to meet my 10 000 steps each day. Apart from Friday that is. We have mostly walked along beaches but have had some rainforest walks as well as walking around some attractions - the Rainforest Discovery Centre in the Daintree for one and a museum for another. We also walked along the waterfront in Cairns - not strictly on the beach as it was a boardwalk for much of the way and a cement path the rest.
Art work n the beachfront at Cairns. My first thoughts when I saw it went to Pokemon - look a Staryu

Suspension bridge Mossman Gorge

Vines on the Rainforest boardwalk at Myall Beach

Ducks taking off from Lake Tinaroo

We haven't visited any food attractions this week - afternoon tea with friends being the exception. We had morning tea at the Rainforest Discovery Centre - scones with cream and a jam made from a rainforest fruit. Fixit Guy did buy a bag of chocolate coated honeycomb on Sunday and we have had a piece or two of that some evenings as a treat.

We have cut down on the treats though. We either have a wine and cheese before dinner or desert afterwards - not both. That has to help. If we have wine I have to have something to eat otherwise it goes straight to my head.

Friday 8 476. I thought about jogging on the spot to make my steps but it shakes the whole van so didn't
Saturday 10 093
Sunday16 968 (bonanza day. We walked throught hte rainforest at Mossman Gorge, had a swim and later walked along the beach)
Monday 10, 236
Tuesday13 889
Wednesday 10 765 (and it should have been a good bit more but my fitbit went flat and I didn't realise for a while. This is the day I had 10, 450 before 11 as we walked on the beach. It went flat on the way back and it wasn't till after another beach walk that I realised)
Thursday 10 413. This is good for a travel day. We packed up and drove from the beach to the tablelands. We walked around an art gallery and a museum before going for a long stroll along the lakeside after we got to our new camping spot)

Today we have put our kayak in the water for the first time this trip. We aren't very skilled kayakers (that is putting it mildly) and seem to go in circles an awful lot. My fitbit liked it though and counted my paddling as steps. I figure that is fair enough. We plan to take the bikes off the caravan this afternoon and ride into town. Well Fixit Guy is. I'm still a maybe. Nah I'll go. Might as well have a sore bottom as well as sore shoulders!

Hope you have had a good week too and meeting your activity goals

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