Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday Stash Report

Two weeks report in one as whilst I wrote a report last week (albeit a day or so late) I didn't have internet coverage sufficient to be able to upload it and so you are going to get 2 weeks in one.

I have had a number of small finishes in the fortnight - no major finishes but lots of little things done.

I have finished 8 hanging hand towels that I make for Handmade With Love. I have been using the licensed fabrics that I bought in Brisbane from Make It Hobby and Craft, a fabric store that specialises in licensed fabrics ie Star Wars, Star Trek, DC and Marvel Comics Disney, Doctor Who, My Little Pony etc. The owner prides herself on buying ALL licensed fabrics. She then goes to the various Geek type conventions around the country to sell it Oz Comic Con, SupaNova etc. My daughter Fangirl saw her at Comicon last year  and then after she moved to Brisbane realised the shop was only a few streets away from her new home - How cool is that? How tempting for me as well!!

They aren't completely finished in that I haven't sewn on the velcro for the hanging bit (which I might do button holes on if I don't get around to buying velcro whilst we are away) I also forgot to bring the labels for them (These are for Handmade With Love). They only use 2x 9" squares of fabric each so its not going to be a great lot of yardage (or metreage as I do it in metric) but its still some usage. .79m used

This is the one with the Doctor Who Fabric I made last week. I didn't take one of the others it seems

My other finishes this week used even less fabric -  mini zipper pouches, unlined. They use only 2 pieces of 4.5" x 8" pieces of fabric each. The good news with those is I have made 25 of them (they were a special order from a friend from Handmade with Love). 1.87m used

And the best news is that yet again I haven't bought any fabric..woot. So whatever I have used is straight profit!!

So my statics for week 40 and 41 are

Fabric used                2.66m            
Fabric added              0.00  
Net                           2.66m

Year to Date
Fabric used               132.07
Fabric added               78.62
Net                            53.45m

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PS if any of you are looking for a great new quilty read check out Frances O'Roark Dowell's new novel Bird in the Air. 

Frances is an accomplished children's novelist but is also a keen quilter. She has a podcast The Off-Kilter Quilt. Its a great book available from Amazon in both hard copy and digital formatting. I did a blog post on Frances back in April during the A to Z Challenge. Find it here Frances is willing to post information to quilting groups so get in touch if you with her for more information.


  1. Sometimes finishing a lot of little things that were hanging around can feel more significant than finishing one big thing -- at least for me! Nice stash report this morning! :)

  2. thanks Denise. The best thing about getting the little zipper bags done was that they were a commission. yes finishing off little projects can be very rewarding. Thanks for stopping by

  3. Lots of fun finishes. Congrats on have a great year on the stash reduction front.

  4. Your mini purses was a good finish. It makes me want to get out my purse and tote patterns and sew up some small projects now. All little yardage out is still good.