Saturday, October 29, 2016

November Goals

October is almost over - 2 days to go and I can safely report on my goals. The only one not completed isn't going to be completed. I need to be home for it and I won't be home till 2nd November so there it goes.

I have already  basically done a report for the month at my mid month check in.

The 6 Christmas stockings I had to work on are all done as far as I can. 2 are completed and 4 are awaiting the embroidered names that are being done at home (thanks Lyndi) and I will finish them up as soon as I can after I get home. 

25 zipper pouches are done and sent to the person who ordered them

I have done HEAPS of stuff for Handmade With Love. As well as the zipper pouches mentioned above and the 4 Christmas stockings from the first goal I have finished handtowels, zipper pouches, pot holders, coin purses, ear bud carriers.

Hand projects - I've been doing some crocheting in the car. I have made 8 drink bottle carriers

I have put together the centre of the Club Mystery Quilt (now called Getting Along) and have sewn the borders but won't attach them till I add another small border at home.

I have worked on the Bonnie Hunter quilt String X (Stringen' Em Along). The string centres are all done and I will choose the background fabric from my stash at home.

The doily quilt, Handmade Heritage has the strips down one side but I need to cut more pink and purple strips when I get home to complete them with a strip and cornerstone for each one.

The only goal not complete is deciding on a design for Suzu's quilt. I think I will use the pattern that I bought at the Gold Coast in August. I can't remember it but if I definitely say I will do that one... I am DONE for the month - YAY

And Now for November

  1. Complete 4 Christmas stockings (HWL commission)
  2. Complete zipper pouches, headphone covers, coin purses, potholders, hand towels using licensed fabrics
  3. Doctor Who Potholders (HWL commission)
  4. Complete "Getting Along" quilt top
  5. Complete "Handmade Heritage"
  6. Work on String X quilt "Stringin' 'Em Along"
  7. stitch velcro onto hand towels and bandanna bibs
  8. Sew HWL labels onto the items completed whilst on holidays
  9. Start work on Suzu's quilt

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