Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Fitness

Its Friday again and I am writing this post before we head to my brother in laws property where we won't be able to access the internet via our phones. We might be able to go onto their internet but that might be a bit tricky - not sure what their set up is.

Have had a good week as far as meeting my Fitbit target goes. I managed it every day. Didn't go much over it at all but did manage to get there in the end.

Friday         13 894
Saturday     11 521
Sunday       10 284
Monday      10 880
Tuesday      10 026
Wednesday 10 717
Thursday    10 009

For the most part exercise has consisted of walking - sometimes it was walking through the rainforest or beside the lake
or to waterfalls 

One time we explored the remains of WW2 army camps in the area. This was most poignant for me as my dad had been in camp somewhere in the area in 1944.

Parade area

Fire place from the officers mess

Courderoy road

 and sometimes it was walking up and down a lighted footpath near where our van was parked overnight darkness having fallen before I had achieved my daily target. We also had a couple of trips in the kayak and the fitbit would count some of my strokes as steps (which I decided was fair enough)

Watching the diet has been a key to my "fitness regime" whilst we are on holidays as there are so many opportunities to indulge. Having a coffee and cake is an enjoyable outing for me. We like to give something back to the little towns we go through on our holiday and having morning or afternoon tea at a cafe is one way we can do this - but those snacks can add up! Another enjoyable ritual we indulge in is sitting under our awning and enjoying the view of where ever we are parked up and having a late afternoon wine with some snacks - a lovely end to the day. And then there are the enjoyable "gourmet delights" we purchase in the various places we visit - our favourite kind of souveneir. And desert. Desert is a lovely way to end a meal.

They can all add up. So we have resolved that in any one day we can't indulge in all of these and generally we try to stick to just one or 2 of them. If I have a wine I have to have something to eat with it. I am such a cheap drunk that one glass of wine before a meal goes straight to my head and leaves me a bit swimming headed, a feeling I really DON'T like.

This week we have enjoyed 2 lots of yummy treats whilst out. At the Mingali Creek Dairy cafe we enjoyed a devonshire tea. The cream was so lovely. We also bought some cheese, dip and yogurt whilst we were there but so far we haven't tasted them. We went to the dairy at the insistence of a couple of friends who said the food was divine. If we hadn't eaten our tuna sandwiches at the Milla Milla falls before visiting the dairy I might have gone the Ploughman's lunch. 

Then today, after we left Ravenshoe we stopped at the Mount Garnet Bakery and enjoyed a coffee and a vanilla slice. It was so creamy and sticky and yummy I didn't get a photo of it... my hands were too sticky to use the camera - but believe me it was good. We shared it so maybe tonight I can still have a wine with the family.

Weight wise things have remained steady. 97.7kgs. I haven't lost any BUT I haven't put any on this trip and that is important.

Getting my steps for the last part of our trip is going to be a bit harder. We will be at the properties and stuff will be going on and just going for an afternoon or morning walk is going to have to be more deliberate. There won't be random walks at scenic spots to indulge in. Still I am hopefully that I will be able to keep it up. I am going to give it a go anyway.

How have you gone with your fitness goals?

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