Saturday, October 15, 2016

Mid Month Goal Review

Its the middle of the month so a great time to do a goal review to see how I am tracking with this month's goals that I set my self. These are listed in my sidebar to help keep me on track.

1. Work on 6 Christmas stockings. I have finished 2 of these and the other 4 fronts are done apart from the embroidered names. These will have to wait till I get home in November.

2 Make 25 Zipper pouches (HWL commission) These are done and sent off. I just have to send the lady (a good friend) the HWL bank account details so she can pay for them

3 Work on hand projects I am crocheting water bottle carriers. 4 completed.

4. Work on projects for Handmade with Love.  I have completed 8 hanging towels and have 6 more cut and ready to put together. Also have various zipper pouches prepped in the boxes to work on.

5. Decide on design for Suzu's quilt Still undecided.

6. Workout design for club Mystery Quilt and make extra blocks as required. The quilt top is together and the borders are made.

7. Work on String Quilt  "Strippy X" by Bonnie Hunter. I have made all the centre strippy blocks - well all that I can. I might decide to make 5 more so that I can make a quilt that is 8 blocks by 8 blocks. At the moment I have 59 blocks so it can be 8 x 7 blocks and I'll have 3 to go on the back.

8. Work on Doily quilt I have started sewing the 6.5" x 1.5" strips onto the side of the 6.5" embroidery squares. I have completed all the "whole" squares. Some of them have lace edges that I want to preserve so will need a backing strip sewn onto them some how. I am working on how to do this. I don't have many strips of fabric left in my preferred colours for this quilt - I used up a lot making the strippy blocks in the string quilt. I am tempted to just use what I have but don't want to ruin the quilt by using colours I end up not being happy with. (or make a lot of extra work for myself if I decide to unpick the strips I don't like) I have other projects I can work on so will leave sewing the strips on when I use up my preferred ones.

I have worked on 7 of my 8 goals. One I can't work on really since I am not home with my choice of patterns to work out what I will do for my Japanese granddaughter. I am super pleased with my progress. Hopefully by the end of the month I will have made more progress with the projects for HWL.

How about you? How are your goals for this month going?

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  1. Way to go! Great progress on all your goals. Even "still undecided" is progress :-). My progress has been fair. I completed the items I needed for a craft fair I was doing with friends. I have made several pillowcases and Halloween themed kitchen towels are done. I am quilting the halloween table mat now. O