Thursday, March 17, 2016

Blogging from A to Z

I wasn't going to go in this again. I did it last year. I blogged every day for a month (with Sundays off for good behaviour!!) with the theme for each day starting with a new letter of the alphabet, starting with A for April 1st.

Last year I did it. Even though we went to Malaysia for 10 days in the middle of it. I managed it but I wasn't at all inspired to do it again. I resisted the emails that arrived in my inbox letting me know that it was on again. Enouraging me to get involved. I ignored them. I ignored the one that told me it was sign up day. Yup. I let that one go... but somehow.... here we are... 14 days out from start up... with another killer April coming up ...including 2 weddings, one of which I am a bridal attendant for, neither of which are in my home town. Including travel again, this time for most of April... and ... yes... I have committed to it. Sigh. I think I am mad.

My blog is a quilting blog. The name gives it away doesn't it. The name of the blog gives away quite a few things about me.

Pip. That is my nickname, used by my family all my life and by friends that know me through my family. My friends who know me outside my family life tend to call me by my proper name Philipa. Calling me Philipa or Pip doesn't signify how close you are to me. It just signifies how you met me. Its weird but people who know me through family have to call me Pip. Its weird if my sister introduces me as Philipa. Its just... weird. It also seems weird when people who met me as Philipa decide that since they know me well they can call me Pip. It doesn't upset or anger me... it just seems weird. The woman for whom I am bridesmaid next month calls me Philipa. She is, obviously, a dear and precious friend.

Ozzy - I'm Australian... a proud Australian. I'm 8th generation Australian on my mum's side (yes I proudly count a number of convicts amongst my ancestors!!) On Dad's side I'm 3rd generation. Because most of my regular readers are from outside of Australia I do try to put in photos of things that are unique about my part of the world when I can. 

Quilts. I'm a quilter. That is my main passtime and it is what I usually write about on my blog. I do ramble on about my life in general at times but mostly .. its about my quilts. Calling this blog Ozzypip raves on about her life just didn't have that same ring to it.

So I'm in and again my blog will be mostly about my quilting life. I don't want to go over the same ground I went over last year so have to come up with some new things around the same theme. 

I am thinking hard  - to come up with stuff about quilting for each letter of the alphabet. Wish me luck


  1. Don't do it if you don't want to! Its your blog <3 I've got a better idea, come and join the Splendid Sampler instead. :D

    1. You know me... I rarely do anything I don't want to do. Having decided to do it I will get it done by hook or by crook. Fangirl is doing it again and she is doing 2... get that 2 cross stitches for each day. Now that is MAD. I did think about doing a block for each day on an alphabetical theme.... but too many days I'm not home where my stash is