Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday Stash Report A FINISH

I got a finish. At last. Only my second for the year... 2nd quilt that is. In fact it was basically a start and a finish in the same week. I had pulled the fabric out and cut some of it the week or so previously but had stalled again. And then... this week I got home from something... Monday I think it was and just thought... right that is it and boom... got onto it. Got the back and front put together and was able to pin it Wednesday morning and then Wednesday afternoon I got it quilted and I did the binding that night. BOOM. It felt so good. 

The quilt (that I have already posted lots of pictures of here) used a number of panels and fabrics to do with the Very Hungry Caterpillar. 

My kids loved that book. In fact when I was talking about it to my husband we were both able to quote reams of it off to each other (our baby is 21!!) so we obviously read it a lot. The mother of the baby it is for is someone we have known since birth (conception even !!!!!) Bub still hasn't put in an appearance yet so I haven't done the label yet. I am sure I read the book to her whilst she was little too. 

We bought a copy of the book to send with the quilt. (one can never have too many picture books or quilts)

So a finish! Yes... even if it was only a cot quilt (well 120cm x 130cm) Given that it was pieced back and front I added a bit extra fabric in the usage and came up with 4.17m fabric used.

I also purchased some fat quarters. I had to go to the fabric shop to buy more pins as I had to pin out 2 quilts, and already have one pinned. The one already pinned was pinned within an inch of its life as it was a bit out of shape and needed to be well pinned. Then one of the quilts I had to pin on Wednesday (not my finish) was huge.... Drat that Cat.... I bought 3 boxes of 150 pins and still needed to borrow some from Lyndi. The LQS had a selection of fat quarters on special for $3 and I got 3 featuring lady birds - 3 different colour ways. They will make cute little bags I think. 

Stats from Weeks 11-12
                 Fabric used            4.17m

                 Fabric added           0.77m

Year to Date
                 Fabric used         14.92m
                 Fabric added       19.17m
Net Used                              -4.25m

So I'm still in the red but clawing back gradually. I have 2 quilts pinned ready to go and another top made that I have to do the backing for... so I am making progress.

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  1. Those fabrics will make beautiful little bags. Great enhancement of your stash!