Thursday, March 17, 2016

March Goals Checkin

Its half way through the month so time to check in on my goals

1. Baby quilt for Megan. I have finished the quilt (The VHC quilt) all but the label which I can't complete until the little mister puts in his appearance which as yet he hasn't. So that goal is DONE

2. 15 minutes quilt related work each day. This is part of Darla, the Scientific Quilter, Marchalong for March. I have done more that 15 minutes every day. I am sure that it has been this in part that has finally got me moving on both the baby quilt (see above) and Diamond Dash (see below)

3 Complete Diamond Dash quilt 1. This has been now been named Dash That Cat.(DTC) I had already completed the top last month but this month I have completed the back and now have it pinned (as of this morning) Now to quilt it. Its a huge quilt (took approx. 600 pins to baste it)

4 Work on Diamond Dash Quilt 2 Haven't done any work on this quilt so far this month. The top is together already and some piecing for the back but nothing for March

5 Work on Hexie Quilt I have done a lot of work on this quilt. The centre and bottom parts of the quilt are together. The top part which is the sky and clouds are to be completed. I have started on it

6 Pin and quilt hashtag quilt The quilt is pinned but not yet quilted. I am not sure I will get this done this month as I have to quilt DTC

7 Make 2 Gruffalo capes for Kylie DONE

8 Empty scrap basket Not yet... I have taken some scraps out of it to use in the scrappy binding for the VHC quilt so does that count as starting? Perhaps not

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